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Dennie Heye - awards

SLA Europe Information Professional of the year (2008)

 In May 2008, SLA Europe (the european division of the Special Libraries Association) named me Information Professional of the year 2008: "SLA Europe recognises that Dennie’s interest in his profession does not end with Shell: he has been a member of SLA since 1998 and is the International Relations Chair of the SLA’s Division of Petroleum of Energy Resources. He is also involved in two Dutch organisations for the information profession, NVB (the Dutch library association) and NIC foundation (a group of senior librarians from corporate and technical academic libraries, focussing on strategy and innovation). His outlook on the information world is refreshingly modern and incisive as witnessed in his publications and presentations."

You can read the full press release here

InfoStar award (2007)

 In December 2007 I received the InfoStar award for: 'recognized for creating a network of information professionals — from both research and technology — within his organization. As a result of his expertise and enthusiasm, Heye has gained commitment for a standardized library system, coordinated library software requirements as an important step toward that goal and also has successfully centralized information contracts. Heye has written a book entitled Characteristics of the Successful 21 st Century Information Professional, which was published in March 2006. You can read my profile here