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 If you don't have the textbook yet, here are some of the early readings:


1st Reading: Plato: The Cave

2nd Reading: Descartes (Meditation I) Descartes 

3rd Reading:(Meditation II): Descartes

4th Reading:  Your fourth reading is by John Locke. The Locke reading in the book is a composite of snippets from a large book, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. The following links are the best I could do to get you roughly equivalent material:
            Locke (Essay II, Chapter i, sections 1-10, 23-25; Chapter ii; Chapter vii, sections 7-17)
            Locke (Essay IV, Chapter ii, sections 1-14; Chapter iii, sections 1-7, 21 and 31)

Phil-26 First Reading Assignment: The following is a good summary of the positions of the Presocratics, but does not have the primary source material assigned from the text book:  Presocratics
Phil-26 Second Reading Assignment: Socrates (Plato's Euthyphro)

Phil-26 Third and Fourth Assignments: Plato's Republic 
                (1st Reading - chapters 2-6)
                (2nd Reading - chapter 7)


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