DEN Anthem

"We are the DEN"

Verse 1:
Don’t you want to be a Star
Known along the boulevard
For passing on how you believe
In educational technology
Be the support system
For using digital media
That’s our community
It’s no mystery

We are the DEN
We’re standing together
State of the art as we share with each other
A community connecting teacher to teacher
Online, in person, we’ll hear the call
We are the DEN
Yea, stronger than ever
The valuable resources are each other
My personal network binds us together
All for good, and good for all

Verse 2:
You can be a DEN Star
Get free PD and webinars
Host a training on technology
Help us expand this community
Be the support system
For teachers old and young
Join up and you will see
The possibilities

Share what you know
Start those ideas and see them go
Plant best practices and watch them grow