This file is archived 12-31-2012 (see spreadsheet)  

Dec  Virginian  Wister
good Winter Beer Festival Hale’s Palladium ? good
Nov  Solar  McEwangood St Andrews 11/20 not
Oct  The Art of Fielding  Harbach cool  Elysian Capitol Hill 10/23 good
Sep The Sisters Brothers  Dewitt cool  Dabob Bay  9/7 waycool
Aug  The Boy Detective Fails  Mino cool  Mercer Island Roanoke Inn  8/21 good
Jul Garden of Beasts  Larsen cool Beer Junction West Seattle 7/17 6:30 good
Jun  Rose  Smith good  Elliot Bay Brewing 6/26 good
May A Corpse in the KoryoChurch cool  Naked City 5/22 good
Apr  The Good Son Gruber cool  Stellar 4/24 good
Mar The River of Doubt Millard good  St Andrews 3/13 good
Feb SwamplandiaRussell good  Beveridge Place 2/16 cool
Jan The Greater Journey
McCullough cool  Ballard Old Town1/12 good
Dec The Greater Journey McCullough good Tangletown 12/8 book exchange o
Nov Geek Love Dunn o Freemont Brewing 11/10 o
Oct Cutting for Stone Verghese good Elysian Capitol Hill  10/20 good
Sep Cutting for Stone Verghese cool Dabob 9/9 waycool
Aug The Lonely Polygamist Udall cool Maritime Pacific  8/16 good
Jul The Lonely Polygamist Udall
cool Fremont Hales Brewery 7/26 good
Jun Await Your Reply Chaon good Mercer Island Roanoke Inn 6/21 good
May The Wild Trees Preston cool Stellar Pizza & Ale Georgetown 5/17 good
Apr A Most Wanted Man Le Carré cool Naked City 4/19 good
Mar The Magus
Fowles good Tangletown Green Lake 3/22
Feb The Big Burn
Egan good Columbia City 2/15
Jan The Big Short
Lewis cool Issaquah Brew House 1/11 good
Dec Let the Great World Spin o good Maritime Pacific 12/14 exchange
Nov Let the Great World Spin McCann
good Elysian Capitol Hill 
Oct Netherland O'Neill good Dabob 10/1 waycool
Sep Fatal Remedies Leon
cool Mercer Island Roanoke Inn 9/7 good
Aug The Angels Game Zafón cool Ballard Old Town Ale House 8/17 good
Jul The Imperfectionist Rachman good Newcastle 7/20 6:15 good
Jun The elegance of the hedgehog
Banbury good Madrona Ale House 6/15
May The Reluctant Fundamentalist Hamid cool Stellar Georgetown 5/11 good
Apr After Dark
Murakami cool Porterhouse Pub West Seattle 4/6
Mar The Road McCarthy good Maritime 3/9 good
Feb Herzog Bellow good Raven Redmond  2/9 cool
Jan The Painter Of Battles Reverte cool Beveridge Place 1/14 good
Dec The Girl Who Played with Fire Larsson cool Norm's Alehouse Freemont 12/15 good
Nov The Shadow of the Wind Zafón cool Collin's Pub 11/10 good
Oct The Shadow of the Wind Zafón cool Stellar Pizza & Ale Georgetown 10/13 good
Sep The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Larsson hacker Dabob 9/11 waycool
Aug Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Grahame-Smith not Hudson New American Pub 8/4 not
Jul Bridge of Sighs Russo good Issaquah Brew Pub 7/7 good
Jun Bridge of Sighs Russo good Mercer Island Roanoke Inn  6/2 good
May Amsterdam McEwan good Columbia City 5/6 good
Apr The Forgery of Venus Gruber haldol Elysian Capitol Hill 4/7 cool
Mar Resurrection Men Rankin good Uber Tavern & Naked City 3/3 good
Feb Hot, Flat and Crowded Friedman flat Belle Pastry Ballard 2/3 waycool
Jan Out Stealing Horses Petterson odd Tangletown  Greenlake 1/6 cool
Dec Maigret - Bar on the Seine Simenon bolt hole Maritime 12/2 book swap cool
Nov Yiddish Policeman’s Union Chabon sholem Beveridge Place 11/11 cool
Oct Genghis Khan Weatherford cool Dabob 10/4 waycool
Sep The White Lioness Mankell cool Snoqualmie Taproom 9/16 good
Aug The Worst Hard Time Egan pickled thistle Newcastle 8/19 wet
Jul Thunderstruck Larson interference Sounders 7/8 cool
Jun Mission Song Le Carre cool Columbia City Ale House 6/10 good
May On Chesil Beach McEwan good Elliot Bay Brewing 5/21 cool
Apr Dark Star Furst za chto? Elysian Capitol Hill  4/16 cool
Mar The Trial Kafka deferment Norm's Alehouse Freemont 3/19 cool
Feb Arthur and George Barnes feed bag Belle Pastry 2/13 waycool
Jan The Perfectionist Chelminski 3 Stars Maritime 1/16 cool
Dec The Looming Tower Wright cool Elysian Field 12/11 ok
Nov Water for Elephants Gruen cool Stellar Pizza & Ale Georgetown 11/13 cool
Oct The Naming of the Dead Rankin shiv Hopvine 10/16 slow
Sep The Naming of the Dead Rankin waycool Dabob Bay 9/7 waycool
Aug Restless Boyd waycool Whistlestop Alehouse Renton 8/22 babe
Jul The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid Bryson good Ness Palace & BBQ waycool
Jun Welcome to the Monkey House Vonnegut so it goes Fremont Hales Brewery 6/6 ok
May Stranger in a Strange Land Heinlien grok Mercer Island Roanoke Inn 5/16 cold
Apr Saturday McKewan good Maritime 4/18 cool
Mar The March Doctorow popular Ballard Old Town Ale House 3/14 cool
Feb The Cruise of the Snark London monstrous Garage Billiards 2/21 cool
Jan The Places in Between Stewart waycool Norm's Alehouse Freemont 1/17 good
Dec The Good German Kanon good Columbia City Ale House 12/20 good
Nov The Last Expedition Liebowitz & manley Feirabend 11/15 good
Oct Middlesex Eugenides crocus Elysian Pioneer Sq 10/24 good
Sep Middlesex Eugenides object Stellar Pizza & Ale Georgetown 9/26 good
Aug Whistling Season Doig snirt Newcastle Golf Club 8/23 not
Jul All Quiet on the Orient Express Mills paint Mercer Island Roanoke Inn 7/19 cool
Jun Thank You for Smoking Buckley patch Belle Pastry Main St Bellevue 6/7 waycool
May Great Gatsby Fitzgerald old sport Pike's Place 5/17 good
Apr Collapse Diamond cool Lost Causeway Renton 4/19 not
Mar Collapse Diamond deforested Brouwer Freemont 3/15 pricey
Feb Tale of Two Cities Dickens cool Norm's Alehouse Freemont 2/15 good
Jan Sharpes Tiger Cornwell dull Elysian Brewpub 1/11 cool
Dec Bastard Out of South Carolina Allison gawd Maritime 6:00 12/14 book exchg cool
Nov Working on the Edge Walker cold Hales 11/17 good
Oct The Measure of all Things Adler cool Mercer Island Roanoke Inn 10/21 good
Sep The Measure of all Things Adler man Dabob 9/9 waycool
Aug To Kill a Mockingbird Lee waycool not not
Jul The Devil in the White City Larson not bad Newcastle Golf Club 7/14 good
Jun The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Haddon waycool Mercer Island Roanoke Inn 6/16 cool
May Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Adams 42 Pacific Crest 5/19 good
Apr A Good Man in Africa Boyd comic Ballard Old Town Ale House 4/12 cold
Mar Justine Durrell essense
of lemon
Columbia City Ale House 3/10 good
Feb Blue Latitudes Horwitz cooked Maritime 2/15 waycool
Jan This Boys Life Wolff concrete Harmons Tacoma 1/8 not
Dec The Power and the Glory Greene cool Elysian Brewpub 12/7 cool
Nov The Curse of the Appropriate Man Freed improper Norm's Alehouse Freemont 11/9 cool
Oct Any Human Heart Boyd cool Fremont Hales Brewery good
Sep King Solomon's Mines Haggard amazing Dabob 9/11 waycool
Aug Children of Arbat Rybakov cool Stellar Pizza & Ale Georgetown 9/2 waycool
Jul Plan of Attack Woodward acceptol River Rock Pub; Maple Valley 7/13 not
Jun Atonement McEwan cool Stellar Pizza & Ale Georgetown 6/15 waycool
May DaVinci Code Brown nought Bear Creek Redmond 5/20 not
Apr My Losing Season Conroy air ball Tangletown Greenlake 4/22 good
Mar Gun, with Occasional Music Lethem acceptol Maritime Pacific 3/23 waycool
Feb War and Peace Tolstoy tedium Norm's Alehouse Freemont 2/12 waycool
Jan War and Peace Tolstoy neither Elliot Bay Brewing 1/13 cool
Dec Master and Commander O'Brian good Elysian Brewpub 12/9 good
Nov Kingdom of Shadows Furst cool Norm's Alehouse Freemont 11/11 waycool
Oct Pirate Hunter Zacks good Maritime Pacific 10/7 very
Sep Fugitive Pieces Michaels good Dabob Bay 9/5 cool
Aug Winterdance Paulsen very Belle Pastry Main St Bellevue 8/7 waycool
Jul Lamb Moore bacon Storm 7/15-cool McHugh's ok
Jun The Debt to Pleasure Lanchester good College Inn U-district 6/24 not
May Polar Pearson good Tangletown Greenlake 5/20 loud good
Apr Seabiscuit Hillenbrand good Giants Causway Renton 4/24 not bad
Mar Life of Pi Martel cool The Kirkland Roaster 3/18 ok
Feb Catch-22 Heller good Whistlestop Alehouse Renton 2/11 good
Jan Carter Beats the Devil Gold cool Giants Causway Renton1/7 good
Dec God of the Rodeo Bergner not bad Belltown Pub 12/10 exchange good
Nov How to be Good Hornsby ok Maritime Pacific 11/21 good
Oct Empire Falls Russo good Issaquah Brew House 10/15 good
Sep On Celtic Tides Duff good Dabob Bay 9/13 waycool
Aug Anil's Ghost Ondaatje good Mercer Island Roanoke Inn 8/14 good
Jul Naked Sedaris good Capital Hill Elysian Brewing 7/11 good
Jun Tropic of Cancer Miller guttural Fremont Hales Brewery  6/11 good
May Motherless Brooklyn Lethem waycool Columbia City Ale House 5/14 good
Apr Blue Ridge Pearson good Maritime Pacific 04/03 Wed good
Mar Kim Kipling good Dad Watsons 03/05 not
Feb TrueHistoryoftheKellyGang Carey adjectival Ballard Old Town Ale House 2/5 good
Jan The Great Game Hopkirk good Capital Hill Elysian Brewing 1/8 good
Dec Killer Angels Shaara good Issaquah Brew House 12/11 good
Nov Keepers of Truth Collins ok Friday Harbor 11/10 good
Oct Kavalier&Clay Chabon good Fremont Hales Brewery 10/11 good
Sep Kavalier&Clay Chabon good U-District Big Time Pizza 9/20 good
Aug Lost Legends of New Jersey Reiken good Newcastle Golf Club 8/23 ok
Jul The Voyage Caputo good Maritime Pacific 7/19 good
Jun The Ghost Road Barker not bad Mercer Island Roanoke Inn 6/14 good
May Devil in a Blue Dress Mosley not bad Columbia City Ale House 5/17 very
Apr The Restraint of Beasts Mills cool Fremont Hales Brewery good
Mar Plainsong Haruf not bad Maritime Pacific good
Feb Passage to Juneau Raban good Elliot Bay Brewing good
Jan Cannery Row Steinbeck good Capital Hill Elysian Brewing Co. good
Dec Faster Gleick Ballard Old Town Ale House good
Nov The Funnies Lennon Ballard Old Town Ale House good
Oct A Star Called Henry Doyle Issaquah Brew House good
Sep The Orchid Thief Orlean Mercer Island Roanoke Inn good
Aug Skintight Hiassen Mukilteo Diamond Knot Brewery not bad
Jul The Moviegoer Percy U-District Big Time Pizza good
Jun Guns, Germs & Steel Diamond Fremont Hales Brewery good
May Tomcat In Love O'Brien Fremont Redhook Trolleyman Pub good
Apr Club Dumas Reverte 1st Ave Tir na Nog good
Mar Birds of America Moore U-District Irish Emigrant good
Feb On the Road Kerouac Rainer Square Rock Bottom good
Jan In Our Time Hemingway 1st Ave Pyramid Alehouse good
Dec Confederacy of Dunces Toole Capital Hill Elysian Brewing Co. good
Nov Voyage of the Narwhale Andrea Barrett Belltown Pub
Oct Midnight's Children Rushdie Fremont Hales Brewery
Sep Midnight's Children Rushdie Newcastle Golf Club
Aug o o o