Denis Volk, PhD

Senior Data Scientist / Data Engineer at Toptal (Click to Hire Me)
Associate Professor  at  
Interdisciplinary Scientific Center J.-V. Poncelet (CNRS UMI 2615)

Phone in Russia:   +7 916 707 1006
Mailing Address: Poncelet, Bolshoy Vlasyevskiy Pereulok 11, Moscow, Russia, 101000


Here is my    Curriculum Vitae (Sep 2019)

My current interests are
  • Solving real-world problems using my skills in math, data analysis, machine learning
  • Educating other people in these skills
           I am an expert in
  • Bayesian Machine Learning: Bayesian inference, probabilistic graphical models, MCMC & VI methods
  • Machine Learning: time series prediction, classic ML
  • Mathematics (dynamical systems, ergodic theory, stochastic processes): 
    • partial and non-uniform hyperbolicity, fast-slow dynamics, attractors, chaos, physical measures, Lyapunov exponents
    • nonlinear random walks, Markov chains
    • piecewise isometries, tilings, discrete geometry and applications to machine learning and other algorithms
  • Neuroscience: brain rhythms and their cross-frequency interactions
  • 3D computer vision, 3D image processing
  • Applications of math in medicine, biology, neuroscience

My industry projects and experience are best reflected on my Toptal page.

My scientific achievements include:

Publications in Neuroscience
Publications in Math
Publications in Math Medicine/Biology
Conference publications
My past grants