Archbishop Denis Hurley OMI had a vision of the Church
as a “community serving humanity”

You can help make this vision a reality.

At the heart of the city of Durban, South Africa, where half a million people make their way through one of Africa’s busiest transport hubs nearby every day,  is Emmanuel Cathedral. Many of these people are hungry, ill or homeless. They are the poor of Durban and refugees from other parts of Africa. They look to the cathedral for help and support.

For many years the cathedral has had a parish centre that offers food and training to homeless and unemployed people and which welcomes and cares for newly-arrived refugees. A clinic provides medical care, especially for those living with AIDS.

Now it is planned to build a completely new centre that will transform the standard of services the Cathedral is able to offer to the poor, to the sick, and to refugees. The new building will be called the Denis Hurley Centre in honour of the Archbishop who was a visionary leader of the Catholic Church, a theologian of international stature who made an immense contribution to the second Vatican Council, a courageous opponent of South Africa's apartheid regime for half a century, and a tireless champion of human rights and advocate of the poor and dispossessed. 

A donation towards the cost of building the Denis Hurley Centre would be a worthwhile and appropriate way to honour his memory.