Academic affairs: CV, selected publications and related documents

I am a specialist in scientific computing and mathematical modelling. My major topics of research are numerical investigation of natural phenomena with partial differential equations and studies of the evolution of open stochastic dynamical systems of diverse nature. My professional activities on the first subject include the development of highly accurate computational methods (involving those designed for high-performance computing) that ensure physical fidelity to the numerical solutions and are applicable in domains of irregular shape, development of computationally cheap and flexible artificial boundary conditions, studies of various regimes of evolution of complex nonlinear dynamical systems, among others. The second subject implies the development of time series analysis methods aimed at detecting various mechanisms of transition of dynamical systems to critical states, search for precursors of catastrophes, studies of phenomena of self-organisation in dynamical systems and related issues.

Currently I am a senior research fellow at the Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as the company director and principal investigator at the R&D company Sceptica Scientific (UK).

As of September 2018 I have over 60 papers published in regular journals, collection volumes, conference proceedings, etc. The entire list of publications, along with other relevant information including my contact details, is presented in the Curriculum Vitae. You can contact me via LinkedIn as well.

Below are selected papers of mine. The majority of papers available here are electronic preprints. For the electronic reprints please refer to the publishers' websites by clicking on the corresponding icon |↗|.

Useful information can be found on the pages of my colleagues:

    • Yuri Skiba, Centre for Atmospherical Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico (CCA-UNAM), Mexico City
    • Alexey Lyubushin, Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences (IFZ RAN), Moscow

Besides, you may also be interested in visiting the website of the R&D company Sceptica Scientific where some of our joint developments are presented.