Real Estate

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Real Estate.  Whether buying or selling your home or commercial property, you will need a lawyer to prepare or examine proper title documents and deal with the other party and the lender. We strongly recommend that any real estate contract be reviewed by an attorney before it's signed. For over two years, I represented the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the sale of property in Western New York. We also represent a number of building owners in landlord-tenant matters and housing court cases.   

Buying or selling real estate requires a written contract which should be reviewed by an attorney before signing. A search or title abstract (a multi-page document that traces the history of the property) and a survey (a map or drawing of property) must be updated by seller's attorney and examined by buyer's attorney.  Sometimes, title insurance is required, either because the mortgage lender requires it or because a defect in the title needs to be insured.  A deed describes and transfers the property.  A closing statement calculates tax and other adjustments for closing.

Out of town buyers of Buffalo property.  Buffalo has been attractive to investors seeking low cost residential property.  Caution!  Be aware of what you are buying.  Speak to someone knowledgeable about the area.  Have the house inspected. Are there pending housing violations?  Are repairs necessary, and do you have a licensed contractor to perform them?  Do you have a local property manager who can secure qualified and reliable tenants? Caveat Emptor!--especially the out-of-town emptor.

Landlord & Tenant - Leases & rental agreements may be oral, but a well-written agreement is better.  An eviction requires 3 days notice for non-payment or 30 days notice for holding over.  Eviction of subsidized tenants require special procedures.  Sometimes "habitability" can be an issue in an eviction proceeding.