Are you ready to get up and get moving before some great days of learning?

Join us at 6:00 am for the DEN Fit Club!  We will meet in the lobby at 5:45 am each morning.  You can walk, jog, run, bike, or any other form of exercise.  This is a great time to get meet new people and network.  

We will have group bike rides on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  If you are interested in renting a bicycle, please visit
Brad Fountain will lead a ride at an average of 14-16 mph for 15-20 miles. As mentioned earlier these are no drop rides so if you fall behind we will wait for you. (Make certain you rent a road bike as a hybrid or mountain bike will not be able to maintain the pace). Brad has a bike rack on his van so we can help transport bikes from the shop to Vanderbilt. 

If you want to bring your bike and ride a slower pace, you are welcome to do so.  There may be others that want to ride on a hybrid or mountain bike at a slower pace.

Vanderbilt has a recreation center and offers a 6:15 am Zumba class.  Daily guest passes for the center are $10.

Shelby Bailey will lead a group to run/walk stairs in the morning.  Please join her in the lobby at 6:00 am.

If you prefer to exercise at another time, before dinner, after evening activities, earlier in the morning, you can still be part of the DEN Fit Club.  
Please complete this form, so we know what you are doing.  

Alison Schleede will record attendance if you attend the 6am session.  If you exercise any other time of the day, please complete the form below.

DEN Fit Club

5K Information

Please sign up for the DEN Fit 5K.  The 5K will take place on Friday morning at 6:00am.  Everyone is welcome to participate!  If you don't want to "compete" then you should come out and cheer on the competitors!  

DEN Fit 5K