Here are some samples of my poetry to wet your creative palate. Even when life costs 

you everything you have, there is free poetry available to aid you in your quest for



Touché is the French word for “touched”
I never imagined in my life this word could mean so much
When we met it seemed to be all I could say
You touched me in such a memorable way
Your smile, your laughter, and the look in your eyes
Your embrace, your scent; all your sweet little sighs

Your humility, understanding, and passionate love
How could I help but say Touché to your touch?
Never did I think we would ever fence
‘Till you drew your tongue, like a sword sharp and dense
The same weapon you used to say “I love you”
The very same tongue that once said, “I do”

Such vile words came out of your heart
Your swordsmanship sliced me apart
This is my first and last fight like this
As a fencer with your skill does not seem to miss
Retaliation was something I could not resist
Now my soul is stained with blood by your blade’s wretched wish

We tied the knot and you cut it a loose
Opting for a sword fight over my proposed truce
Had I but known that first day I said Touché
That our quest for true love would end in this way
At the edge of cutting utterances absent of mercy
At the tips of swords salient and blood-thirsty
I would not have said, “You got me!” that day
But I didn't and now, I painfully shout Touché!

by Deneene A. Collins
All Rights Reserved
Copyright  2010
The Sound Barrier

When it comes to language
I’m a hopeful romantic
My lips steal the kiss
Freely given by linguistics
Sometimes speaking thoughts so fast
That in slow motion
My lipstick is captured
On air’s wineglass

So I am drunk with the sounds
From the poet’s mouth
Lassoed by the lariat
Of existential Forget-me-nots
As that glass falls to the ground
Of bottomless places so profound
I hear the sound barrier broken
By lyrical words ripely spoken

Accounts of aerodynamics
Soaring chitchat of airborne semantics
Though it’s not World War II
What they did I now do
Moving beyond transonic speed
To a supersonic verbal need
Quoting, reciting, and speaking
With maximum compressibility

Producing a Sonic Boom
Exploding life within the wombs
Of every hearer’s ears
Again breaking the sound barrier
The bullwhip snaps
As sound barriers crack
Whipping us into shape
By leather pain’s velocity
Which is the proximity
Where discipline has no mercy

Spoken word relationships
Signs, symbols, and semiotics
Eloquent words spit
Bombastic and articulate
Even transparently euphoric

Flying rapidly forward
Up to the heights of poetic gifts
By wings of silver-tongued lyricists
And though the sound barrier is broken
You’ve received your fix as a token
For your deaf soul
To be wed with the echoes
Of vows too selfless to be unspoken

by Deneene A. Collins
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2010
And Then It Rained

The amplifiers in the sky were turned all the way up
It was as if upon a mighty bass some seraphim strummed
Wind whistling like a flute played by the lips and hands of virtue
And as the heartbeat of the earth pounded in its passion for heaven's rain
Stormy weather in my soul sung along in great wonder

The clouds being the dust of the feet of the conductor
Electricity so intense I could taste it in my mouth
Out of an atmospheric bed thunder mightily rolled out
Photographs of the moment were taken in time
While eternity's flash lit up the whole sky

And I thought wow...
What a performance of the supernatural
And I thought how...
To be in attendance I was so special

The storm in my soul gave up its stage
With a drum roll and lightening flash
The hosts of heaven gave up their praise
I heard the empyrean flute a few more times
Followed by a barrage of that electric bass line
...And then it rained
Grandiose applause for an unfathomable cause

by Deneene A. Collins
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2010