Here you will find quotes from my book Rain In the Wind. I hope they bring you valuable insight, precious wisdom, and outstanding inspiration. 

These quotes are what I call raindrops...

“Somebody is going to take charge of your life. It is either going to be you or somebody else. It would be best if it were you.” - 
Deneene A. Collins

"Everyday my aspirations and hard work move me closer to where I want to be and farther away from a place I never hope to visit again." - Deneene A. Collins

“When it is time to sow it is usually just you, the seed and the dirt. You know that it is time for harvest when everything comes out seeking your produce. When you see the insects, snakes, devouring animals and all the people that didn't want to help you plant you better know that it is harvest time.” - Deneene A. Collins

“The twilights of silent nights wait for you to speak the words you have that are bright both in darkness and day.” - Deneene A. Collins

“Everyday I wake up is a miracle! What will you do with your daily miracle? Something extraordinary I hope.” - Deneene A. Collins

“I know so many people that are beyond wonderful that it makes up for the ones I know that just aren't so great. I constantly remind myself that whether someone is a great person or not so great we are all people and we all deserve love and basic respect.” - 
Deneene A. Collins

"I know that birds of a feather flock together what I've been trying to figure out is why you keep hanging around snakes." - 
Deneene A. Collins

"You have more than one chance to make it big unless you decide to do life small" - Deneene A. Collins

“The Martinni Genie will grant your fondest wishes for a few moments though it is just fantasy and then make everything of value disappear in for a lifetime which is a sad reality especially if you rub its bottle too often.” - Deneene A. Collins

“We have questions; life has answers. We must live to get the answers to the questions.” - Deneene A. Collins

"Work hard, study hard, play hard and love hard but don't be too hard on yourself. We are all human and we all make mistakes and it is totally possible to be reconciled with a harmonious life by how we live after making such mistakes." - Deneene A. Collins

"Though I know I am beautiful I want to feel it and I will do so humbly when the fingers of my knowledge touch and embrace the wisdom of my spirit that is ultimately beautified by the One that has sculpted me as a work of art to last throughout eternity." - 
Deneene A. Collins

"Financial success in business does not solely depend on how much you gross but rather depends on how much you net. Applying this concept to love I would like to say that it doesn't matter how many people tell you that they love you the net gain is in how many people actually show you their love with sincere actions that communicate and display the love they say they have for you." - 
Deneene A. Collins

"With the blackness of tarred yesterdays and the greyness of asphalt tomorrows all we can really do to survive into our dreams is transparently drive in the vehicles the spectrum of hope provides on blacktops and grey paved pathways with a belief to go so fast that we cannot be stopped." - Deneene A. Collins

“Love can be seen in both the actions and reactions in life that we display towards others.” - Deneene A. Collins

"My dreams are like brilliant stars shining forth in dark nights; they are too far away for me to touch right now, but I know that they are real and I know that they are there as they display their awesomeness to me daily so that I will keep reaching for them." - 
Deneene A. Collins

"Having a good head on your shoulders can mean that you have an eye for constructive criticism, an ear that doesn't just hear but listens, a nose that can sniff out what is good or not, a mouth that tastes life while speaking inspiration, and most of all a mind that thinks critically, wisely, compassionately, fairly, and creatively." - Deneene A. Collins

"Time is a gift that is best when opened in the presence of those we love." - Deneene A. Collins

“To connect with another person by mere chance and coming across their path in spite of the six billion other paths you could have crossed must be for a reason.” - Deneene A. Collins

"In my Graphics Industry Business Practices class we talk about how many sales calls it takes to get and maintain a customer. While friendship should never be sold I will emphasize the importance of communication and making the calls to maintain a true friendship. Would you treat a friend any less than a business client?" - Deneene A. Collins

“Time is of the essence and there is an essence of time that demands for it to be used wisely.” - Deneene A. Collins

“If time is not your friend make friends with grace which is the one thing that can get you more time.” - Deneene A. Collins

"Being smart is wise, being wise is smart, being both is genius and having faith is all...purely and unadulterated." - Deneene A. Collins

“Security sits on your lap while you take a seat in the comfort zone while calculated risk can be the wind beneath your wings as you take a leap of faith.” - Deneene A. Collins

“May your dreams be upon your eyelids like hopeful wishes on butterfly wings that delicately  carry into the places only imagined by true happiness” - Deneene A. Collins

 "Once you understand the flavor of favor you will know why and how life can taste so good." -  Deneene A. Collins

 “Isn’t it ironic that the word lie is used to describe untruth as well as what you must do in   the bed you have made? That being said, make sure you make a good bed.” -   Deneene A. Collins

"I consider myself wise more than smart and in this wisdom I know that it is hard work that has contributed to my success more than any ounce of genius I may possess." - Deneene A. Collins

“Be careful of what you say as it is difficult to taste the sweet things in life while you are eating your own words.” - Deneene A. Collins

"Even though flowers eventually die, the beauty that they give us while they are alive is never forgotten." - Deneene A. Collins

"I've rubbed shoulders with the wealthy and held hands with those in poverty; finding out that both have lives that are priceless." - Deneene A. Collins

"When you have something in you that only you can offer the world, wise men will seek you bearing gifts just as they did the Messiah." - Deneene A. Collins

"When someone attempts to sweeten the deal make sure they are n't using artificial sweeteners." - Deneene A. Collins

“Even when power is high and energy is low remember that there are outlets somewhere in between.” -  Deneene A. Collins

"If nobody but you shows up to the unveiling of your dreams, please know that even so, you are in excellent company." -
 Deneene A. Collins

“All I wanted was your two cents but when you finally opened your mouth I got a million plus. What you positively speak is valuable” - Deneene A. Collins

"When you know that you are receiving a call from the highest known power in the universe, my advice to you is to not put it on hold." - Deneene A. Collins

"The sweet part of success is being able to share it with others." - Deneene A. Collins

"I write with my right to write in hopes of giving at least one person a piece of peace." - Deneene A. Collins
“Whether we say it better or whether it is better said my question is how is it interpreted and how is it read?” - Deneene A. Collins

“When the sun rises I hope that all of its most brilliant rays find you even in the dark shadows of the earth. I hope your smile is as wide as the horizon. Most of all I hope your destination of peace is a quiet place at the end of a roller coaster of laughter. “ -
 Deneene A. Collins

"The ability to appeal to all people is written in the languages of love and music." -  Deneene A. Collins

"I’m not looking for a genius I just don’t want a fool." - Deneene A. Collins

“When you exit one season you enter another. By this process you learn to be a lover of change no matter how difficult it seems. This
is because you know that your exit brings you to a new scene where the stage for progress is well set.” - Deneene A. Collins

"I'm on a low sodium, low carb, low fat diet which means that I can't afford to cry salty tears over you or ingest your slippery saturated
sugar coated excuses. How much do you weigh because that will be the total of what I have lost in one day while gaining self respect
which is the lean muscle mass of the soul." - Deneene A. Collins

"In the matters of love, being a free agent doesn't necessarily mean that you are free, it only means that you are not bound to anyone
by the commitments of the heart and that never equates to true freedom." - Deneene A. Collins

"Because too few of us dream of what life would be like when forgiving others far too many of us exist in the unforgiving nightmare
of bitterness." - Deneene A. Collins
“Don't mistake Ishmael for your Issac neither wish for a Saul in place of your David.” - Deneene A. Collins

“There is nothing like a grandma it is like having a mother but better because she lets you stay up late, smothers you with love and gives you cookies before and after dinner.” - Deneene A. Collins

"You are special, valuable, warm, witty and irreplaceable and the only person that knows you that doesn't know this could quite possibly be you. Get to know yourself a little better." - Deneene A. Collins

"Please meet me down the street from impossible and around the corner of imagination in that park we both love and then let's dine on each other's creative conversation as if it were our last meal." - Deneene A. Collins

"We are nouns, adjectives and verbs. In a few words, we are the expressions of life." - Deneene A. Collins

"Pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside makes a person pretty much hideous all around. True beauty on the inside makes a person gorgeous in every way." - Deneene A. Collins

“If I were blind, deaf and would make me see with the beauty of who you are, you would make me hear by the sounds your heart speaks and you would make me smart as I could not help but to utter the truths of my existence from a place you caused deafness, blindness and dumbness to fade by the sheer expression of everything you have and give that transforms the simple and quiet into stars sparkling loudly within the nights they must be seen and heard in. “ - Deneene A. Collins

“In times of trouble we pull together and in times that are good we are still united. There is power in unity and joint belief often brings about miraculous results at all times and in all situations.” - Deneene A. Collins
“Prayers are the wishes of the heart, the communications of the soul, the elevated essences of the human spirit, and the cosmic cries that crossover from a primordial fleshy nature into a realm where they are received, heard, acknowledged and sometimes answered by the most powerful entity in existence.” - Deneene A. Collins

"Vivid pictures, sultry scents, soothing sounds, succulent tastes, and comforting touches are the songs played with skill on the instruments of our minds by a minstrel known as sweet memories." - Deneene A. Collins

"My true friends are like a cool shade on the most scorching hot desert days and like a blazing fireplace keeping the cruelest cold out in the dead of winter." - Deneene A. Collins

"When chaos tries to invade your peaceful space don't let it force you out but rather use your authority to evict it because it has no right to disturb the private property of your heart, mind, body and soul." - Deneene A. Collins

"There is no positive progression in the human race that comes from hatred, violence, prejudice, organized religious control or outright ignorance. Also, true liberty can only come from reaching self actualization in the hierarchy of human existence, the embodiment of absolute truth and spiritual enlightenment that comes from the Spirit of the One that created us all." - Deneene A. Collins

"Travel the world even if it is in your own imagination until you get to do it for real. I've been everywhere!" - Deneene A. Collins

"The only time you are permitted to walk on me is when I'm being a bridge between you and the most important things in life." -
Deneene A. Collins

“Research is the vital foundation that tomorrow is built upon.” - Deneene A. Collins

"When you are taking the world by storm you don't need people in your life that are nothing but dark clouds." - Deneene A. Collins

"Life is not a dress rehearsal but it is still OK to play dress up as long as you are not a hypocrite." - Deneene A. Collins 
"Since rain symbolizes tears make sure you know what your weeping will make grow." - Deneene A. Collins

"If I didn't have you in my life I would be missing something of vital importance and power and I would be malnourished at the table of success as I feed off of every wise and valuable thing you have to offer." - Deneene A. Collins

"My wish for you today and everyday is that you have the mental and physical drive to succeed to accomplish the tasks you choose on your own terms guided by supernatural instruction. I hope for your everlasting and potent motivation." - Deneene A. Collins

"Whether you are an inventor, entrepreneur or artist know that you are one of the fantastic ones because you dream the dreams that makes reality dreamy." - Deneene A. Collins

"Listening to smooth jazz on a rough night. Hopefully everything will balance out." - Deneene A. Collins

"Sometimes we are small fish in a big sea and a huge catch by a little hook." - Deneene A. Collins

"You know how you get that feeling of deep disappointment in your soul and it is like you are falling off a cliff not knowing if you will land alive. Sometimes so disappointed that how you land doesn't seem to matter. Well, faith is a parachute and how you land matters because at ground zero of disappointments is a chance to start all over again and succeed." - Deneene A. Collins

"A mentality of winning can bring about a physicality of winning." - Deneene A. Collins

“I only minored in biology in college but the physiological and psychological anatomy of the human heart and spirit is what I major in daily.” - Deneene A. Collins  

“May your future be full of the wisdom gained by your life experience so that it is prosperous and destiny bound.” - Deneene A. Collins

"People that are only rich can once again become poor but people that understand the difference between riches and wealth know how to properly execute the systems and wise processes that not only maintain financial stability and abundance but good health, freedom, priceless life experiences, integrity, sound social relationships, satisfying work, the assistance of others, family
and love as well." - Deneene A. Collins

"I'm not waiting for the people that want to sit back and see, I am moving forward with the people that possess enough belief to move forward in faith with me blindly knowing they will see the rewards of risk, faith, persistence and hard work." - Deneene A. Collins

"I have been extended beyond exhausted by tired people. If you are negative get your hell away from me. If you are positive please bring your heaven close to me. And if you can't make a decision as to which you are please act like you don't know me as of a surety I don't know you." - Deneene A. Collins

"The beat of my heart is an internal clock ticking which displays that the current time is always a time for love." - Deneene A. Collins

“Many times our all time lows exist merely so that we can truly appreciate the highest points of our lives. There are no high points without low ones.” - Deneene A. Collins

“Let us not only make a positive progression but a liberation from the negative!!! I can't afford negative anymore; it has cost me way too
much.” - Deneene A. Collins

"Love and that's it!" - Deneene A. Collins

"When the winds of change are blowing get in your boat and lift the sails so that you can willingly be carried to a new place where the
opportunity for you step out on the sea of faith will be presented." - Deneene A. Collins
"True authors sit down in the room for improvement, provide a magnificent view from the windows of literature and walk through creative doors that they can one day open for others." - Deneene A. Collins

"I don't have money to throw away only money to make." - Deneene A. Collins

"When you're hungry for more than food you will receive the nourishment of things beyond the realm of common eating." - 
Deneene A. Collins

"While leaving the past behind I can almost touch the future with my fingertips that crave the embracing of a new day where I shall hold promise in my hands." - Deneene A. Collins

"If it hurts to use your faith it may be because it is a muscle or ability you haven't used much." - Deneene A. Collins - From The Matrix: "Neo: Why do my eyes hurt? Morpheus: You've never used them before."

"There is a darkness so dark where the path you desperately need to see is haunted by the shadows that walk darkly upon well lit ways. There is a lighting so light that darkness will never comprehend it and in that place there are no dark paths." - 
Deneene A. Collins

"The irritating itch in our minds can only be properly scratched to yield relief by acquiring knowledge, executing wisdom
or by the thinking process which creates so stop scratching your head and use it." - Deneene A. Collins

“Prior preparation will enable you to perform adequately and phenomenally so properly prepare to get there which is the destination known as your dreams achieved.” - Deneene A. Collins

“It is only when you open up the windows of your mind that a fresh breeze of new thoughts can blow in.” - Deneene A. Collins
"No matter how tired you are, when the finish line is in sight you must keep running to grasp the reward." - Deneene A. Collins

"Once upon a time I learned that procrastination satisfies and internal need to rebel. Stop the rebellion against getting things done and put an end to procrastination in your life. Acknowledge your subconscious desire to rebel and overcome it with immediate action." - Deneene A. Collins

"May you be blessed with extreme peace and the wealth that can only come from good health, true love, family connection, and a deep spiritual relationship with your Maker." - Deneene A. Collins

"Part of life's relationship evolution process is to become a shaker of the fakers, be so positive that you are a sedative to the negative, and be influential enough that those that embrace you are also the ones happy about where opportunity takes you." - 
Deneene A. Collins

"To all the men out there: May your wife be not the knife in your back and may your obsession with work, providing and success be not
the reason she may want to stab you there. Pay attention to the important things doing your relationship justice so that cutting utensils are only shared and used at romantic dinners." - Deneene A. Collins
"If you have lost sleep over anything don't worry, you will find it again in a good nap once the situation has passed." -
Deneene A. Collins

"Sometimes when you are injured in the pursuit for success you have to put the injury on ICE - Inspired Creative Excellence." - Deneene A. Collins

"Sometimes what seems like disaster strikes in your life to show you the true strength you have inside that you weren't using." - Deneene A. Collins

"When you can't see hear, when you can't hear feel, when you can't taste smell, when you can't touch see, when you can't smell imagine and at every opportunity to see, smell, hear, taste and touch do all five, live life to the fullest and appreciate the senses by which we experience the world." - Deneene A. Collins

“Use water for drinking to sustain your life and don’t let it be used to drown you.” - Deneene A. Collins

“We know what we have to know especially when our options are restricted.” - Deneene A. Collins

"When one seeks truth you may want to consider what you will do when you find it so that you are prepared during the pursuit for honest outcomes." - Deneene A. Collins

"I'm thankful every time the wind blows as it reminds me that there are mighty and powerful forces that are real in spite of the fact that we can't see them." - Deneene A. Collins