About Me

Deneene A. Collins is an author that can
be considered the ordinary extraordinary.
While Deneene thinks of herself as a
regular everyday person, she has done and
continues to do extraordinary things
through her writing and in the many other
ways she touches lives. Ms. Collins' career
as an author is a young one even though
her spirit is full of the age of wisdom. She
has been writing since she was a little

Deneene writes poetry, fiction, drama,
children's books, inspirational works, and
a number of other literary genres, some of
which are yet to be classified. She prefers
to be called Dee and even though she
writes from the heavenly realm, Dee is
very down to earth. Deneene A. Collins is
also a motivational speaker and life coach;
helping everyone that she can achieve
their dreams. Writing is Deneene's
passion, but she considers her greatest
accomplishment to be the birthing and raising of her two wonderful children, Aveanie and Caleb
Stewart. Her children are the stars that sparkle in her eyes.

Deneene loves cooking, music, making people happy, and rainy days. She works to use her trials
to brings smiles to other people's faces by what she can offer them from what she has learned.
Her lifetime hero is her mother, Joyce L. Collins, that passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in
February of 2009. Joyce was Deneene's best friend and greatest inspiration. 

Ms. Collins has a Bachelor's of Psychology from Prairie View A&M University, a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) from Arizona State University, and a Master's of Graphic Information
Technology from Arizona State University (May 2012). She is also a Master Graduate of Rapport Leadership International in the areas personal leadership, team building, and interpersonal communications, but considers life as her greatest teacher. 

Deneene hopes to do at least one great thing before she leaves this world, which is to touch at least one person's life or the existence of humanity in a life-changing way no matter how great or small as long as it made a real difference.

Who Am I?

I was born in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio called Berea on October 10th, 1970. I am pretty much a regular everyday person with extraordinary abilities in the areas of creativity and writing. I love my family with a great passion and I have a special love for all people. I am Dee. I am me. I love the rain and I love music. I grew up cooking, playing the piano, and writing. I am really a child at heart with a mental maturity that I have gained by going through the trials of life experiences. I am a hopeless romantic that is full of love and I wish the very best for all people at all times. 

What Do I Like?

I like helping people. I like to write at every opportunity and I like listening to the sound of the rain. I like to learn which has just about turned me into a professional student. I like to cook and I like taking opportunities to just rest and chill out. I like to pursue profitable business ventures as an entrepreneur and I love all of the things I like.

What Do I Love?

I love, love. I love romance and I love to watch romantic movies. Truly, I love to watch any type of movie if it is really good. I love my family and I love being a mother. I love to write and I love to challenge and stimulate the intellect of others. I love all types of water whether it is the ocean, a lake, a waterfall, or rain falling from the sky. I love achieving goals and I love, love, love to dream. I love the individuality in every human being and I love changing lives for the better. 

What Do I Hate?

I hate liars! I hate stress and I hate the fake actions of people. I hate being hurt, therefore I hate having a broken heart. I hate disobedience and rebellion and I hate false religious doctrines. I hate war, disease, and death. I hate the actions of bad people and I hate negativity. I hate everything horrible in the world that is worthy to be hated. 

What Do I Write?

I write what I feel, I write what I know, and I write my imagination down on paper so that others can read what my creative mind breeds. Mostly, I write poetry. I also write fiction and I compose nonfiction inspirational works. I write cookbooks, children's books, and other books that I believe are outside of the most commonly classified genres. I write what people love to read again and again. 

What Do I Want?

I want my books to be published and distributed around the world. I want to touch and change lives if possible through my writings, motivational speaking, and acts of kindness. I want to have enough money to live comfortably with the ability to help many. I want to live a successful life which to me means that I have lived right, possessing wealth which is health, happiness, clarity of mind, and prosperity. I want to be me absolutely and without condition every day of the week. I want to honor my Creator in everything I do. I want to raise my children well to become great people. I want to write, live, laugh, love, and play. I want true love everlasting and I want to make a difference. 

What Are My Secrets?

My secret is that I have no secrets other than the ones that I will never tell anyone. One of my secrets is that at times I lack discipline. Some of my secrets are the secrets other people have trusted me with so I won't tell you them. I'm afraid of bugs and though I'm not fully afraid of the dark I usually sleep with some type of small light on. I'm afraid of dying before I've fulfilled my purpose on the earth and before helping as many people as I can to make a difference. I'm afraid of offending my Creator and I am scared to death of not living my best life. One of my biggest secrets is that I don't want to finish the course of my life alone without having found that person that loves me for who I am that I can love in return with a mutual affection and greatly intense passion. My secrets are tucked away in my heart. Some will be released to the world and others will be kept under lock and key until the day that I die. 

The above picture is a photo of my dad Robert Collins and my oldest brother Brian Collins. They aren't just smiling because they are taking a picture; they are smiling because they are part of a family full of love. My dad is great, intelligent,  and wise and my brother Brian is one of the funniest and most special persons on the face of the earth. My brother Brian is an inventor of great and innovative inventions. 

This is my mom. You can see how beautiful she is, but her greatest beauty was inside of her. She passed away February 16th, 2009. We will always remember her as one of the greatest women that ever walked the earth.

This is grandma. She is my mom's mom and she turned ninety years old in May of 2010. Hattie Walker is a woman full of love and she is one of the sweetest persons the world will ever know. 

This is my brother Bob. He is the smartest person I've ever known. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be just like him. Bob is great; Bob is Bob.

These beautiful people are my wonderful children. Aveanie is my precious daughter and Caleb is my outstanding son. I could not have asked for better gifts. They are smart, kind, and loving and they are the pride of my life.