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Current Projects/Literary Works:

Painting "Rain & Mind" by Dhanaraj Keezhara

$1.00 from every copy sold of Does Heaven Have a Post Office? Letters To My Dearly Departed Mother will be donated to The Griffith Family Foundation to help FUND a Cure for pancreatic cancer. Please visit the foundation's website at: www.griffithfamilyfoundation.org

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 Painting from the Rain & Mind Collection
by Dhanaraj Keezhara

"I write with my right to write in hope of giving at least one person a piece of peace." - Deneene A. Collins

What Deneene Is Thinking:

Deneene is thinking about how awesome it is that she is achieving her dreams even in this present moment. She is also thinking about how wonderful it will be when she is able to help others achieve their dreams as well.

What Deneene Is Working On:

Deneene is working on finishing up her current books entitled, Orgasm of the Heart, Broken Bones, AWE 2012, and Does Heaven Have a Post Office? "Letters To My Dearly Departed Mother". These three works should be available for purchase by September 30th, 2011.

The next three books Deneene will be releasing are:

Does Heaven Have a Post Office?
Broken Bones

Other Works Soon to Come Include:

AWE 2012
A Hole In One
Bed Bugs: Sleeping With the Menemy

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Thank you for buying my books. Without my readers I would not be a valid author. You are invited to purchase my books and any other products I have at the links below:

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Somebody is going to take charge of your life. It is either going to be you or somebody else. It would be best if it were you.” 
Deneene A. Collins

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email: deneene.collins@asu.edu
mailing address: P.O. Box 545, Marana, AZ 85653
phone/voicemail: (520) 248-7854
website: www.deneenecollins.com

Featured Poem of the Month:

"And Then It Rained"

The amplifiers in the sky were turned all the way up

It was as if upon a mighty bass some seraphim strummed

Wind whistling like a flute played by the lips and hands of virtue

And as the heartbeat of the earth pounded in its passion for heaven's rain

Stormy weather in my soul sung along in great wonder

The clouds being the dust of the feet of the conductor

Electricity so intense I could taste it in my mouth

Out of an atmospheric bed thunder mightily rolled out

Photographs of the moment were taken in time

While eternity's flash lit up the whole sky

And I thought wow...

What a performance of the supernatural

And I thought how...

To be in attendance I was so special

The storm in my soul gave up its stage

With a drum roll and lightening flash

The hosts of heaven gave up their praise

I heard the empyrean flute a few more times

Followed by a barrage of that electric bass line

...And then it rained

Grandiose applause for an unfathomable cause

by Deneene A. Collins All Rights Reserved Copyright 2010