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  • Buddhist Cosmology

    GL 101E Buddhist Cosmology

    A study of cosmology in Buddhism, the knowledge about planes of existence (the sensual-plane, the form-plane, the formless plane), constituents features and lifespan of the world and the universe, the nature of life, the world and rebirth, human genesis ... 

  • The Hereafter

    GL 102E The Hereafter

    It’s the study of the birth, the cycle of life-death-reborn within the different realms of reality called Samsara. It includes the celestrial pleasures of the States of Happiness, the severe forms of torture in the States of Unhappiness, and the noble realms: Nibbana. 

  • The Law of Kamma

    GL 203E The Law of Kamma

    A Study of the Buddhist Law of Karma, the twelve categories of Karma, cases studies about the working of law of Kama, and the Tenfold Path of Unwholesomeness [akusalakammapatha] as the cause of rebirth in the Hell Realm in order to bring about conscience [hiri and ottappa]... 

  • Buddhahood

    GL 204E Buddhahood

    It covers the general knowledge about how to become a Buddha, the Buddha attributes and virtues, the types of Buddhas, the pursuit of Perfections, the way Lord Gautama Buddha pursued His perfections from the time He aspired to Buddhahood to the time he became enlightened as the Buddha. 

  • Exemplary Conduct of the Principal Teachers of Vijja Dhammakaya

    GL 305E Exemplary Conduct of the Principal Teachers of Vijja Dhammakaya

    A Study of the pursuit of Perfections of the two principal teachers of Vijja Dhammakaya namely the Most Venerable Phramonkolthepmuni (Sodh Candasaro) and Master Nun Chandra Khonnokyoong. Both masters have practiced the Lord Buddha‟s Teachings to such an extent that they had met with exceptional success. 

  • Basic Knowledge of Meditation

    MD 101E Meditation 1: Basic Knowledge of Meditation

    Basic knowledge concerning the importance, meaning, categories and levels of meditation, scientific evidence concerning meditation, the benefits of medition, the nature of the mind and the bases of mind and including introductory principles of Dhammakaya Meditation. 

  • Principles of Meditation Practice

    MD 102E Meditation 2: Principles of Meditation Practice

    A study of the principles of meditation practice, physical and mental adjustment, placing the mind, knowledge and visualization of the meditation object, the maintenance of the object of meditation, use of a mantra allowing the student to practice the principles learned for meditation in daily life. 

  • Recipe for Success in Personal Development

    GB 102E Recipe for Success in Personal Development

    This course deals with personal development and is based on the principles of Life’s 38 blessings at both theoretical and practical levels. These blessing are grouped and presented in chronological order from mundane to the supreme goal of life, Nibbana. 

  • Recipe for Success in World Social-Development

    GB 203E Recipe for Success in World Social-Development

    The course prevail the problems plaguing society and the possible solution using Buddha teaching approach. The basic cause of the problems is the lack of moral code and the “Right View”. It deals with the effective way of personal transformation, the study and understanding of desirable personal attributes, the means to instill those desirable attributes which eventually leads to the success of social development. 

  • The Lord Buddha’s Approach to Good Health

    GB 410E The Lord Buddha’s Approach to Good Health

    The course material divided into two parts. The first part deals with the medicinal aspect of food and water and how to keep oneself in good health. The second part has to do with the balance approach to good health both during the Lord Buddha’s time and in the present. 

  • Monastic Lifestyle

    SB 304E Monastic Lifestyle

    It's the study of the monastic life of Buddhist monks; in particular, the aim of ordination, Right Livelihood and methods of self-practice in attaining the ultimate aim in life to uproot all defilements by practicing in accordance with the Samannaphala Sutta (story of the benefit of living monastic life).