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Washington, DC

Event Agenda

8:30-9:00 Check in and light breakfast 
9:00-9:45  Opening and Welcome 
9:50-10:40 Morning Session 1 (session descriptions below) 
10:50-11:40  Morning Session 2 (session descriptions below) 
11:50-12:45 Unconference Planning/Lunch
12:45-1:00 Math Techbook Sneak Peek
1:00-1:40  Unconference Session 1 
1:50-2:30  Unconference Session 2 
2:40-3:15  Closing

Morning Session 1

Kate Nagle & Chris Bendel - Time Saving and Contingency Planning with Discovery Education - We will review how to save time and energy through using specified searches and the Quicklist to create individualized content databases saved to My Content. We will talk about how to organize information from your individualized database to build a variety of assignments using the Assignment Builder and Quiz Builder to create banked contingency plans that can even be assigned and assessed remotely. With the remaining time, we will start to look at how to create Boards using Board Builder, incorporate them into your class-time experience and post them for student access to as-needed reinforcement. We will be using: Discovery Education Streaming, Discovery Techbooks and Edmodo.

Session Resources

Robin Martin - Go on a GoogleTour w/Discovery Education - Did you know you can create a simple tour using a new Google product Tour? Combine this with Discovery assets and you have a winning class. This session will show you examples of Google Tours and how to build one.

Session Notes:

Google Tours With DiscoveryEd

To create a tour go to: https://tourbuilder.withgoogle.com/

1.   Research topic and take notes about where the tour will go.

2.   Collect images and place them in one folder.

3.   Create a title page or use an image and put title

4.   Add locations and images to the tour one step at a time.

5.   Use the advanced button to change the icon.

6.   Use the upload to add images and/or video.

7.   Label each location

8.   Do they need to be in a specific order? You can drag them around to reorder the sequence.

9.   Save the tours and share with the button on top of the page.

Chelsei Fox - Discovery Education Board Builder, in Action! - During this session, you'll get a look at how York County (VA) teacher Chelsei Fox walks you through ideas and tips on using Discovery Education Board Builder in your classroom. You'll see examples of how Board Builder can increase collaboration and knowledge building by giving students a place to show off original digital content to a real world audience through Discovery Education.

Matt Monjan - 50 Ways to Use Discovery Education in Your Classroom - There is a lot more to Discovery Education than just videos. Did you know that if you have Discovery Education streaming, you also have access to an interactive atlas, dynamic calendar, images, speeches, and sound effects?  This fast-paced, energizing session will open your eyes to the possibilities of digital media and Discovery Education in the classroom.

Session Resources

Selena Ward - Engage Learners with Project-Based Learning - Students are engaged when they are active in the learning process. Get ready to work together to answer a driving question. Come to this session to learn how to flip one of your lessons to a PBL unit and gain tips that will help make the unit a success.


Morning Session 2

Zulma Whiteford - Code in your classroom - Today’s interconnected technological world is built on computer software.  By introducing our students to code they will have the opportunity to explore the building blocks of software construction and gain a basic understanding of the underlying software that drives our modern world.  This session will provide an introduction to free coding software like Scratch and Alice and the App Hopscotch. The session will include sample student projects, resources and some interactive activities for all participants to try out if desired.

Tracy Carpenter - 20 Ideas to help get you to June - The good news? It's almost April.   The so-so news? It's almost (only) April.  These last few months can feel like a long stretch. It's time to get some energy back into our classrooms! Now is the time to capitalize on classes that have gelled, bonds that have formed and enjoy the end of the school year. In this session, I will share my favorite ideas for making the most out of time left before June. From digital tools and resources to hands-on activities - I have you covered.

Tiffany Thompson - Creating Digital Student Workbooks In OneNote - In this session, participants will learn how to use Microsoft's OneNote to develop student's communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and technology literacy skills. They will investigate various uses for OneNote in the classroom from teacher/student workbook to student ePortfolio. Additionally, educators will discover that they can increase the power of a student's OneNote digital notebook by incorporating Discover Education resources.

Chad Lehman - Digital Storytelling with Discovery Education - Students love to tell stories and today’s tools allow them to create and share in ways they never could have imagined. In this session, we’ll explore several ways you can get your students creating and sharing using a variety of tools and media. You’ll walk away with something you can use with your students next week.

Resource site

Jeanette Edelstein - Discovery Education, the Student Experience - Thousands of students are taking advantage of their student accounts to engage with Discovery Education. This session will provide a detailed look at Student Center, including the Landing Page and Search, the Assignments tab, the Blog, and Virtual Events designed specifically for students. We will also dive into Board Builder: the only Discovery Education tool created just for students, before it was adapted for educators. Learn how to build a board and the details of saving, sharing, and searching.

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 1:00-1:40 S.O.S.    How do you stretch tech (1 lab, 1 comp, etc) PBL and Blended Learning Setting up Discovery Ed in your classroom Google Tools Math Techbook Feedback
 1:50-2:30 TechbooksDigital Storytelling Using iPads in the Classroom ESOL & DE ideas/tools to support the creative process Math Techbook Q & A Assessment