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Milwaukee, WI

Event Agenda

8:30-9:00  Check in and light breakfast 
9:00-9:45  Opening and Welcome 
9:50-10:40  Morning Session 1 (session descriptions below) 
10:50-11:40   Morning Session 2 (session descriptions below) 
11:50-12:45  Unconference Planning & Lunch
12:45-1:00   Special Presentation (Tentative)
1:00-1:40   Unconference Session 1 
1:50-2:30   Unconference Session 2 
2:40-3:15  Closing

Morning Sessions (Tentative)

Session 1

Steve Dembo - Untangling the Web: Free Tools to Power Up Your Teaching

Just another tools session?  Hardly.  We'll start off with tools that were featured in the recent book of the same name, and then break off into other sites that support, supplement and fit the needs of educators, all making use of the great media within Discovery Education.  We won't just explore individual sites, we'll look at clusters and genres that every educator should be aware of and make time to become familiar with.  And did I mention that they're all free?


Karie Huttner - iMake, iLearn - This past November I stumbled into a world that I had never even known existed.  While attending a Playful Learning Conference at UW-Whitewater, I learned about gamification and makerspaces.   At the time of the conference, Donor's Choose and MakerBot were running a promotion to put a 3D printer in every school.  While at the conference through conversations with new colleagues, I realized the power of what a 3D printer could do for our school in my new found quest to bring video gaming and makerspaces into our school.  I have found myself immersed in a world of learning about making, makerspaces, 3D printers, Minecraft, and what it means to learn and create.  It is a daunting process to realize just how much there is to learn and how important it is to start to transform how we teach and learn.  Come learn about my adventure into building a Design Lab - I will share about Minecraft EDU, 3D printing, and more.


Rachel Yurk - Weave DE tools and Learning together with the Google Thread - Is your district a Google Apps for Education user?  If so, there are countless ways in which the use of Google tools can be leveraged to make Discovery Education media more meaningful in the classroom.  Not only will we see how you can use Apps like Docs, Presentations, and Forms, but we will explore some great Apps and Extensions that weave it all together for more engaged, meaningful learning.  

Rita Mortensen - Creative Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom - In this session, participants will learn what a QR Code is, how to create them, and how to use them for a variety of educational projects/purposes.  Learn how our school is using QR Codes to do scavenger hunts, back-to-school events for staff, as well as activities for our freshmen mentor/transition program.  There are so many unique and creative ways to include audio files, video files as well as various handouts and assessments to your projects.  This will be a great way for you to learn about how to create them and get tons of ideas for you to use them in your classroom!


Heidi Morgan - Technology, It's Not Just for Consuming Information! - We have been using technology to consume information for a long time now. If we want to bring our students into the 21 Century we need to get them creating and sharing their products of learning with each other and the world. This session will explain the SAMR model of technology integration and explore web tools and apps to get you teaching above the line.  If you are looking for innovative ways to integrate technology into your teaching and ways to share student learning, this is the session for you!  


Malena Koplin - Makey Makey - Tiptoeing into Library Maker Spaces - Maker Spaces are all the rage in public libraries and school libraries are joining the fun. Currently, I'm using Makey Makey sets to get started with my Maker Space. I'll bring my sets for you to try and we'll talk about other ways we can create space to MAKE in our school libraries.


Session 2

Emily Murn - Spotlight on Strategies (S.O.S.)- Are you looking for creative ways to easily and effectively integrate Discovery Education resources in your class? We’ve heard your S.O.S call! Go hands on in this interactive session and explore the popular DEN Blog series “Spotlight on Strategies”. Teachers of every grade level, subject area and will walk away with classroom-ready tips and tricks for integrating DE media.


Steve Dembo - 50 Ways to Use Discovery Education in Your Classroom - There is a lot more to Discovery Education than just videos. Did you know that if you have Discovery Education streaming, you also have access to an interactive atlas, dynamic calendar, images, speeches, and sound effects?  This fast-paced, energizing session will open your eyes to the possibilities of digital media and Discovery Education in the classroom.


Chad Lehman - Discovery Education, Builder Tools and the Student Experience - Thousands of students are taking advantage of their student accounts to engage with Discovery Education. This session will provide a detailed look at Student Center, including the Landing Page and Search, the Assignments tab, the Blog, and Virtual Events designed specifically for students. We will also dive into the Builder Tools to show you how to get your students working and sharing online. We'll also explore Board Builder, the only Discovery Education tool created just for students. Learn how to build a board and the details of saving, sharing, and searching.

RESOURCES: 50 Ways to Use Board Builder in Your Classroom and Board Builder Webinar

Liz Charlton - A Glimpse into a Technology Infused Classroom - Are you overwhelmed by technology? Is trying to teach your standards and incorporate useful technology making you mad? I will share several different projects in different areas of the curriculum using simple programs, resources and Web 2.0 tools and explain how I actually use them and provide student examples.  None of the projects are too challenging to manage as a teacher, but each have their own learning goals (aligned to the CCSS) and benefits to the students and the classroom as a viable learning environment.

Sue Gorman - Student Designed Digital Learning - One of the most compelling benefits of classroom technology is that it enables students to share their ideas and knowledge in powerful new ways. This session, focused more for the primary grades, will challenge you to think differently about the role of the student in the classroom and how that role can be transformed when kids are active, creative, purposeful users of mobile devices like the iPad. The presenter will share specific examples of effective, empowering integration of some of the best apps for student creativity, publishing, and collaboration. You will gain ideas for elevating student work and practical tips that will support you and your students in creating authentic content and sharing it with others.   

Cathy Houchin - Computers and Cameras and Apps oh my! - This session will be filled with creative ideas to use the world of technology in your classroom. It will include web 2.0 ideas like big huge labs, discovery board builder and more.  Apps will be shown including educreation, haiku deck and camera ideas too! There should be something for everyone.



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 1:00-1:40 Intro to the DE Math Techbook iPad Apps Augmented Reality Come Make with Me (Makey Makey, Scratch, Minecraft EDU) Early Childhood - Ways to Use DE & Web 2.0 Things You Probably Don't Know Exist in Discovery Education
 1:50-2:30 Exploring the DE Science Techbook Google Apps Assignment Building Connecting 3D printing to the Curriculum  Spotlight on Strategies