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Edmonton, AB

Event Agenda

Session 1

Room 7 - Dean Shareski - 5 Minutes of Creativity You can't read a document about education and learning without seeing the word creativity. We all know how important creativity is in the 21st century and yet with all the other demands, it can often be a challenge to make it a regular part of the day. Creativity is like a muscle, it needs to be practiced and work on daily. This session will showcase a few simple ideas that can be embedded into any classroom with 5 minutes and a bit of technology.

Room 6 - Terra Lee Gratton - Discovery Education Board Builder, in Action! - During this session, you'll explore Discovery Education Board Builder. You'll see examples of how Board Builder can increase collaboration and knowledge building by giving students a place to show off original digital content to a real world audience through Discovery Education.

Room 5 - Trisha Roffey - Maker Space in the elementary classroom with the Raspberry Pi - "Maker Space in the elementary classroom with the Raspberry Pi". We are using the district transform shifts along with Math, Science and Language Arts outcomes to allow student inquiry and engineering at an elementary level. I have several books, students sample projects, websites that helped us get started and documentation of the process. Participants will hopefully leave with some ideas to begin their own maker spaces, an understanding of the uses of the Raspberry Pi, some resources to get started and an understanding that this is possible at the elementary level.

Session 2

Room 7 - Chad Lehman - A Bunch of Ways to Use Discovery Education in Your Classroom - There is a lot more to Discovery Education than just videos. Did you know that if you have Discovery Education streaming, you also have access to an interactive atlas, dynamic calendar, images, speeches, and sound effects?  This fast-paced, energizing session will open your eyes to the possibilities of digital media and Discovery Education in the classroom.

Room 6 - Cathy Dohn - Connecting Classrooms - Through this session you will find out about one teacher's journey in connecting her class to other people and classes around the globe. By using programs such as Kidblog, Skype in the Classroom, Global Readaloud and Read Around the Planet, students were able to bring their learning to life.

Room 5 - Diane Lefebvre - Spotlight on Strategies (S.O.S.)- Are you looking for creative ways to easily and effectively integrate Discovery Education resources in your class? We’ve heard your S.O.S call! Go hands on in this interactive session and explore the popular DEN Blog series “Spotlight on Strategies”. Teachers of every grade level, subject area and will walk away with classroom-ready tips and tricks for integrating DE media.

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