JC Bridwell: I want to give a shout out to my personal trainer Eric Dempsey and Dempsey's Resolution Fitness...To all my friends in the Columbus, GA area, if you want to get stronger, feel better, look better, and eat better and be healthier, then go see this guy. He will give you all the tools to do it...all you gotta do is do the work...but it ain't easy ya'll!! He will flat whip your butt!! LOL...In just a few short weeks though, he has taught me more about getting healthy than I have learned over my entire life. I highly recommend him. Thanks Eric!

Merella Fear: After seeing the numbers of what I have lost, I am so proud of my accomplishment! And I can really tell my strength and endurance has greatly improved! Thanks Eric, I will be a member for a long time!

Kristy Borden: Eric, You really are awesome. I had a lot of fun. You are an awesome trainer. 

Shannon Yocum Morey: It just makes you feel good- feel strong. Thanks Eric.

Mehgan Brooke Mendoza: I lost 5 lbs in my first week of bootcamp at Dempsey's Resolution Fitness. His classes WORK, and he pushes you to finish things you wouldn't be able to make yourself do on your own. He manages to make classes fun, especially kickboxing night :) I'd encourage everyone to come and try it out. It doesn't matter what fitness level you're at, Eric can help YOU get where you want :) Eric will work with you to achieve the goals that you personally want to set. His classes are a non-intimidating environment, I feel comfortable working out there. He pushes me to do my absolute best. If you are looking for results, look no further. This is the place to be.

Casey Smith Rowan: You're brutal, but I'm so grateful for it :) You're the best trainer anyone could have... of that, I'm certain. The perfect balance of dedication, motivation, inspiration, and mean ;) Thx for everything!

Amanda Hinen: I've been attending Dempsey's Resolution Fitness for 7 weeks now and have lost over 7% body fat. I have worked with other personal trainers in the past that can't hold a candle to Eric! Eric has a vast knowledge of all levels of fitness and medical conditions, he knows what he is talking about and actually takes the time to talk to you, answer your questions and give you recommendations! I always have a good time, great work out and friendly people! He wants you to succeed and gives you all the tools you need to do so but its up to you and your determination/dedication. Thanks Eric, Your AMAZING

Travis Nuss: Dempsey's Resolution Fitness is the best place that I have found in the Columbus area to get that intense workout that you are looking for. Eric is awesome and knows what he is doing.

Miles Murray: Best program I've been a part of since playing collegiate sports. Specific, focused, and just plain awesome!

Jillian Abramowski: I'm so glad I found this program. It's done tremendous things for my body and self-esteem. I've done and lifted things I never would have thought possible and it was all possible due to Eric's knowledge and encouragem​ent. I highly, highly recommend this to everyone! lf esteem. I've done and lifted things I never would have thought possible and it was all possible due to Eric's knowledge and encouragement. I highly highly recommend this to everyone!

Crystal Stocking: I have taken a lot of classes to stay fit, but this program by far surpasses any other! You will be motivated, educated, and just plain excited! No matter what your age or physical ability....you CAN do this!

Patti Morgan: This is the best thing I have ever done for myself...the program is fun and always different. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Never too old to start...give it a try; it’s worth your time!!!

Sharon de la Rosa: I love Dempsey's Resolution Fitness. I have been to this program for a couple of months then I fell off for a short while. When I was sitting on my couch doing what I do, I became aware of my body and how it stays at rest, stays sluggish and I did not like that feeling at all. So I am back to do it right and I am enjoying the classes Eric gives and the nutrition class that are included. I have fun in all the classes I attend while getting a great workout.  I am very comfortable at Dempsey's Resolution Fitness when I work out. The owner, Eric, is very knowledgeable and confident in his job. The work outs are tailored to your abilities and ways to improve them. Eric is not out to get your bucks but to get you in the best shape of your life.

Rocca: I love my group, they are the best.

Alanna Nicolais: This is an amazing bootcamp and you will see fast results and have fun!!!

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