Talking Points

Conversations about virtually every public policy issue -- from health care to climate change to taxes -- inevitably involve discussions about the proper role of government.  The following memos are designed to help you navigate these conversations and consider how you approach the topic of government.

Talking about Taxes:  the Do's and Don'ts Debates about taxes are debates about government – its roles, responsibilities, legitimacy, scope, and, of course, the level of revenues necessary to accomplish its myriad functions.  This checklist offers some tips for navigating this difficult terrain in ways that can foster a more productive discussion about taxes and their purposes.
Assets, Opportunity and the Role of Government looks at the nexus of public perceptions about assets, the economy and the role of government and offers ideas for expanding the assets story.  Assets and Opportunity
Washington State Budget Debate Talking Points Guide and FAQs:  Good and Bad are resources for talking about budget and taxes in Washington State specifically, but are applicable for those working in states facing budget shortfalls.
 State Budget and Taxes