Public Works in the Field

Public Works is engaged in a deliberate campaign, grounded in the states, to rebuild broad public support for government's essential roles and its public purposes.

Armed with findings from communications research we commissioned, Public Works has been working across the country, engaging potential constituencies for an empowered government. We offer trainings, workshops, ongoing educational series and consultations to public policy organizations, state and community leaders, elected officials, and public sector employees, among others.

Public Works does not support or oppose any political party or specific candidate. In all our activities, the overarching goal is to help individuals and organizations develop strategies for communicating and organizing that both achieve their goals for policy change while simultaneously rebuilding an understanding of and support for the public sector itself. With our close partners we strive to help them command the theory and practical aspects of our work so that ultimately they are able to achieve their objectives without our assistance.

As we have taken our work to the field, audiences have come with interests in diverse policy agendas ranging from the environment to human services to child welfare to public education to state budget and tax policy.

More than 190 organizations -- in 35 states, Washington DC, and 2 countries outside of the United States -- have hosted our presentations, workshops or trainings.