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With our monthly radio show, First Tuesdays, we brought a new conversation about government to the broadcast airwaves. The title gets its name from the fact that, as Americans, we vote on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.   
Our goals for the program, as with all our education and community outreach activities, were to remind people why government exists; to provide a constructive and durable way to understand what government is and does; and to create a culture of citizenship that focuses on enduring values, shared responsibility, and the common good.

Produced in association with Pacifica Radio Houston, the shows originally aired on KPFT 90.1 FM and have since been shared with thousands of other listeners through the World Wide Web. The 2009 season of First Tuesdays was dedicated to The Power of Citizenship. The final program in this series aired on Tuesday, December 1, 2009.

All programs are MP3 files. Click on the program title to listen to a particular show. If you are unable to access the file, contact publicworks@demos.org.

   Air Date                Program Description

December 1, 2009 Government's Role in the Economy
Understanding the essential role that government plays in shaping an economy that works for everyone.
This program features interviews with:
  • Jeff Madrick, Editor of Challenge Magazine and senior fellow at the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Sector
  • Meg Bostrom, President of Public Knowledge and Co-founder of the TOPOS Partnership
September 1, 2009
Better Health Care Depends on a Stronger Democracy  
A look at the polarized debate over health care reform and what it says about our democracy.
This program features interviews with:
  • Mark Schmitt, Executive Editor, The American Prospect Magazine
  • Miles Rapoport, President, Demos:A Network for Action & Ideas
August 4, 2009
Making the Case for Government 
Understanding the essential role of government in America and our vital role as citizens in this democracy.
This program features interviews with:
  • Dianne Stewart, Executive Director, Public Works:the Demos Center for the Public Sector
  • Douglas J. Amy, Professor of Politics, Mount Holyoke College and author of the website Government is Good
 July 7, 2009        
Partnership for Public Service
Revitalizing our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works. This program features interviews with:
  • Max Stier, President & CEO, Partnership for Public Service
  • Bob Lavigna, Vice President of Research, Partnership for Public Service
 June 2, 2009
Center for Public Deliberation
How deliberative democracy is being used to improve educational outcomes and to inspire a new generation of engaged citizens. This program includes student essays on citizenship and features an interview with:
  • Windy Lawrence, PhD, Founding Director of the Center for Public Deliberation at the University of Houston Downtown
 April 7, 2009
Playgrounds Without Limits
Government and citizens working together to pursue the common good--a case study in good government. This program features interviews with: 
  • Joe Turner, Director, Parks & Recreation Department, City of Houston
  • Michelle Colvard, former Chair, Houston Commission on Disabilities  
 March 3, 2009        
The Institute for Civility in Government
A national civic movement to reclaim civility in the public square. This program features interviews with Institute Co-founders:
  • Cassandra Danke
  • Tomas Spath
 February 3, 2009
City Hall Fellows
A new national program that introduces America's future leaders to the inner workings of local government. This program features interviews with: 
  • Bethany Henderson, Founder &amp Executive Director, City Hall Fellows
  • Rogene Calvert, Director of Personnel & Volunteer Initiatives, Office of the Mayor, City of Houston, Texas
  • Nancy Brainerd, Program Director, City Hall Fellows-Houston
  • Meredith Spencer, 2008-9 Fellow 
 January 6, 2009
The State Budget Crisis
Understanding the state budget crisis, why we should care, and what we, as citizens, can do. This program features interviews with:
  • Iris J. Lav, Deputy Director, The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities 
  • Nick Johnson, Director, CBPP's State Fiscal Project
  • Noah Berger, Director, Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center
  • Presdelane Harris, Community organizer, Arise Citizen's Policy Project
  • Elaine Mejia, Director, North Carolina Budget and Tax Center
  • Chuck Sheketoff, Director, Oregon Center for Public Policy
  • Jon Shure, Director, New Jersey Policy Perspectives