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The examples below represent a broad range of applications on a variety of topics. Included in this section are items, submitted by our partners, which illustrate how they are incorporating our lessons and principles into their everyday work.

We invite you to use these examples for ideas and inspiration as you continue to apply the knowledge you've learned through our research and trainings. Sort them by topic or type to make it easier to find examples that match your interest and meet your needs.
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Together NC: Let's Stay North Carolina A web advertisement by Together NC advocating adequate revenue instead of budget cuts to help keep North Carolina prosperous. Budget Web Advertisement 
Reconciling the Bath Tub with the Oil Spill by Jessica Kutch, 5/5/2010, SEIU.org In this SEIU blog post, Kutch reveals the cognitive dissonance inherit in hating government until we need it; and challenges us to stop proposing senseless cuts to vital public services - and start finding smarter, more efficient ways of serving our communities. government blog 
Some Things You Just Can’t Google by Chuck Sheketoff, April 2010, CenterPoints Editorials. Oregon Center for Public Policy weighs in on the danger of government transparency without context. government transparency  op-ed 
Thinking of the Future, Altoona joins the Alliance by Nicole Crosbie, 1/8/2009, Altoona Star. Public Structures in public discourse in this article initiated by the Institute for Wisconisn Future. public structures article 
How To End Corporate Domination Of Government - And Our Lives by Dave Johnson, 2/22/2010, retrieved from OurFuture.org. Johnson expands the Public Structures concept to the issue of corporate political spending.  public structures blog 
Revitalizing Community, Revitalizing Our Economy by Juan Carlos Ordóñez, 1/29/2010, OCPP Special to Salem-News.com  Echoing the ratification of provisional government at Champoeg, Oregonians' recent votes affirmed the value of community, as expressed through our public structures. public structures article 
Corporate-Funded Study Says Oregon Business Taxes Are the Lowest and Deliver Biggest Bang for Buck 4/6/2010 This new release from the Oregon Center for Public Policy uses a corporate-funded study, on taxes to make the case that public structures are foundational to a strong economy and the “backbone” of a healthy business environment. See the resulting Portland Business Journal article, in the Recommended Commentary section on this website. budget and taxes news release 
How to pay for the next war by Donald Cohen, 3/27/2009, The Huffington Post. America has a long history of presidential leadership and congressional action to increase revenues in times of war. In this article Cohen, co-founder and president of the Center on Policy Initiatives, writes that, as our reluctance to higher taxes has grown into Orwellian resistance, it’s time to consider an automatic war tax.  budget and taxes article 
Miles Rapoport's Letter to the Editor, 2/16/2010.  In this letter submitted to the editor of the Hartford Courant, Dēmos President, Miles Rapoport, writes about the state budget crisis and the need to invest in public structures. budget and taxes letter to the editor 
Food Stamp Caseworkers Deserve Honor by F. Scott McCown, 11/25/2009, The Dallas Morning News. In this Thanksgiving article, F. Scott McCown, executive director at the Center for Public Policy Priorities in Austin, gives thanks for a government that is helping millions of Texans with temporary assistance to meet basic needs, and nominates state Health and Human Services caseworkers as Texan of the Year. government op-ed 
CA Cons Still Trying To Live Off What We Built In the 60s & 70s by Dave Johnson, 1/13/2010, Speak Out California! In this commentary, Johnson makes the point that California used to be the envy of the rest of the country through most of the 20th century because the state government built the best public structures. public structures blog 
Find New Revenue To Preserve State Programs by Remy Trupin, 4/14/2009, The Seattle Times Choosing between preserving funding for education and helping people with disabilities is a false choice, argues, executive director of the Washington Budget and Policy Center. Rather than cut during this budget strife, the Washington Legislature should raise new revenues. budget and taxes article 
State Needs More Revenue by Senator Lisa Brown, 2/21/2010, The Statesman-Review. Washington State Senate Majority leader weighs in on the issues of budget and taxes in this opinion piece for The Spokesman-Review. budget and taxes op-ed 
One Massachusetts News Blog Local citizens in Massachusetts are working with friends and neighbors to rebuild the public structures in their communities. Through this news blog (part of the One Mass website), they share their personal stories along side stories that appear in their local newspapers. public structures blog 
One Massachusetts Website One Massachusetts, a network of people and organizations, joins diverse voices and experiences to build an effective, fairly-funded government. government website 
Vermont’s Bridges are Going Nowhere Good Public Assets Institute in Vermont uses public structures literally and figuratively. public structures webpage 
One Vermont: Taking a stand for a Vermont that works for everyone A state-wide coalition focuses on public structures and community impact - not laundry lists of clients affected or crisis stories. government website 
End Oregon’s Rob-Peter-to-Pay-Paul Funding Schemes by Chuck Sheketoff, 3/22/2009, Blue Oregon.  Describes how tax credit-financed schemes, that sidestep the normal budget prioritization and accountability process, portray government as a menu of services from which individuals can choose and how this undermines public understanding that public structures are in place to support the common good. budget and taxes blog 
Vote Yes for Amherst!  Campaign to support an override of property tax cap promotes community values and the common good. budget and taxes website 
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