Modified DCRAW

This is a modified version of DCRAW (ver.8.90/ rev.1.417, Jan. 21, 2009) to prototype "variance of color differences".  Enhancement and refinement steps are borrowed from "hybrid CFA demosaicking".  Primary goal of this work is to provide an interpolation algorithm superior to AHD in DCRAW's framework.

Visual C++ 2008 Express SP1 is used to build an optimized executable for Windows XP/Vista environment.  Precompiled JPEG and LCMS libraries are obtained from the following links:

At VS 2008 command window, an executable can be built by the following command:

cl /nologo /Ox /arch:SSE2 /DWIN32 /DDJGPP /Iinclude /Fedcraw_mod.exe dcraw_mod.c /link /subsystem:console /LTCG lib/libjpeg.lib lib/lcms.lib user32.lib is an compressed file including source codes and an MSVC++ 2008 built executable.

New options for the modified DCRAW are:
-q 3             => call modified AHD interpolation (with built-in anti-aliasing feature)
-q 4
             => turn on variance of color difference interpolation (default)
-q 5             => mix AHD and VCD interpolations (experimental)
-E <num>
    => apply edge-sensitive median filters on differential color planes and update interpolated pixels by <num> times "-E <num>" option can be used for any 3-color RGB mosaic patterns.  For example, PPG and AHD interpolators are compatible.
-R               => post-demosaic refinement
-m <num>  => median filter (modified from the original)

An example is: dcraw_mod -v -w -4 -R -q 5 -m 3 -E 1 <raw file>

Paul Lee,
Jan 22, 2009, 6:57 PM