HIV/AIDS In Ukraine - An Analysis of Statistics                                MurrayFeshbach and Cristina M Galvin

Executive Summary

Ukraine is experiencing a serious demographic crisis.  The country has the lowest birthrate in Europe and ranks third in the world in the projected population decline over the 2000 to 2005 period.  With deaths currently almost twice the number of births, the population of 47.4 million people (as of October 1, 2004)  is projected to decrease by up to 40% by 2050.     This could mean a loss of up to 19 million people  – even before factoring in deaths due to HIV/AIDS.  Even lacking a set of statistics that are complete and accurate, it is clear that HIV/AIDS prevalence in Ukraine has already crossed the 1% threshold, and surpassed levels across all countries of Europe and Central Asia as well as India and China.  The scale of the crisis is such that the implementation at currently budgeted levels of all domestic and international donor-supported programs is not sufficient to ensure the reversal of present trends.  While it is beyond the scope of the current report to attempt a quantification of the amounts involved, a boost in both the outlay of resources such as has been authorized to date from external sources as the World Bank and the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, funds from domestic sources need to be found as well.  

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