Thomas van Kooten

 Thomas van Kooten, originally an economist by trade works at Statistics Netherlands (CBS)  his current  focus is on better ways to measure the effects of ICT and e-government on local levels.  

In his spare time he tries to keep up with economic and scientific developments. He´s a firm believer in scientific progress and technology but remains skeptical about some of the bolder claims. One of his personal worries  is that while we live in a world were knowledge is becoming more and more important science and technology are arranged in such a way that almost no one outside a limited group understands it anymore. There´s a chance that this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.

 He´s also got a soft spot for Open Source, in particular Freeciv. For which he organized the first international conference in Amsterdam. Currently he´s busy giving the graphics an upgrade for the upcoming 2.1 release.