Marcelo Rinesi


Marcelo is currently the joint Assistant Director of the Institute For Ethics and Emerging Technologies .


Marcelo was born in Corrientes, Argentina, in 1979. He was involved in the initial deployment of Open Source solutions in the northeastern region of the country, including setting up the first Linux-based email server for the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, and the first intranet application for a law firm in the state. He has also done pro bono work for the Mathematics Department of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, working out alternative possibilities for their website and content management needs.

As part of his consulting projects, he has been lead developer in website and intranet developments for companies in Buenos Aires -with heavy focus on Open Source technologies like Linux, PHP and Python-, as well as giving advice in testing and production deployment of enterprise-grade communication systems for such companies as Citibank and Telefónica de Argentina. He has also developed internal applications for customer relationship management, software license management and software inventory control -all currently being used-, as well as coordinating the deployment and administration of the company's internal data center. He's also currently lead developer for an Argentine company's Web Services and Business Process Modeling initiatives.

Marcelo has also published articles related to technology, business and Argentine life in magazines and online sites like Wired, Computer Bits, The Straits Times, Canada's Your Workplace and Student Traveler.

 Marcelo is also a postgraduate  student of mathematics at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, where he also teaches and tutors in mathematics undergraduate student at the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste and the Universidad de Buenos Aires. As an undergraduate he  participated in -and wrote software for- numerous exhibitions  and events, including appareances on national TV. He ran tutoring groups, and edited the first student-run, science-oriented online magazine in the Universidad de Buenos Aires' Facultad de Ciencias Exactas.  He is currently a judge for the country's Olimpíada Nacional de Computación y Matemática, a country-wide yearly competition aimed at encouraging mathematically talented high school programmers, as well as forming part of a research group at the Universidad de Buenos Aires aimed at developing theoretical tools and software for the  study of some discrete mathematical phenomena related to the functioning of financial markets.