Claus Vistesen


I am a business student at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) where I am currently earning my bachelor degree (Bsc in Business Language and Culture). I am 21 years old and live in Copenhagen; my own weblog is Alpha.Sources and I also regularly write for the CBS endorsed blog Cultunomics.

My academic interests are very wide but in the context of blogging I mostly write about economics and business. In many ways blogging is the defining factor of my (academic) life at the moment as I am involved in many blog related projects both directly related to my studies but also related to my future after the degrees have been earned. My relation with this project and its contributors (i.e. Edward, Marcelo, and Thomas) in general is very much as a dry sponge being dropped in a pool of water. Actually, this "sponge allegory" describes very well my relationship with many of my fellow bloggers in the econ-blogsphere. The fact that I have been able to rub shoulders with some very acclaimed economists and researchers is something which has greatly propelled my academic whit and such a testament to bloggin's unique interactive and "learning-friendly" element of communication. 

What about Demography.Matters? 

Essentially I think the title says it all; demographics does matter and this why we are here. For me demographics is a very universal and in essence crucial discipline to understand the broader context of world around us. This is not to say that demography is all that matters but from my point of view as a multidisciplinary generalist demographics potentially becomes an entry point to many issues, be they vested in business, language, economics or culture.