About Democracy Link

Democracy Link is a non-partisan communication app designed to better link Canadians with their elected representatives.

Far too often Canadians feel unempowered. They feel their voices don't matter and their elected representatives ignore them, especially if they voted for someone else. This needs to change.

Stronger communication options to our elected representatives, and more political engagement from our citizens will make a difference.
Those who engage regularly will build a better democracy.
We want to dismiss the cynics and empower the citizens.

The app makes the process of phoning or emailing one's representative as easy as posting a comment online! All Federal, Provincial, and Municipal phone numbers, names, emails, and sign-off information are pre-filled.
Focus on the message.

Download the English et Français versions right now.
 Available on Google Android and Apple iOS.

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Below you can view some options how you can help Democracy Link!

Quotes of Support!

"I am delighted to see that Geoff, who participated in the 2014 Summer Institute for Future Legislators at UBC, has gone beyond lamenting citizen disaffection with politics and elected representatives.  He’s actually done something about it!  He has created a Democracy Link app, a promising innovation to foster public engagement in the political process." 

 - Max Cameron, Professor of Political Science and Director of the
Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions at UBC"

"Samara is pleased to see the Democracy Link App developed, a one-stop resource for Canadians to contact their representatives. The app will provide voters with the information they need to have their voice heard. When only 31% of Canadians say they’ve contacted an elected official about an issue they care about, according to Samara’s research, we’re thrilled to see technological solutions being developed in an effort to improve this number."
   - Samara Canada

Democracy Link needs some help

 The app needs approximately $2,900 to finish paying the student developers, and advertise.

$2,400 goes towards 300 hours for our two student app developers and ~$500 for advertisement and app upkeep.

When you do the math, it is not a large price to help empower 25 million Canadians!

If you want to support Democracy Link, please donate. Even a small amount will greatly help!

Donations total
$397 of $2,400
(April 21, 2015)

If you can't afford to donate a few dollars, then a Tweet or a share would be greatly appreciated :)

Please link to Democracylink.ca

How to donate to Democracy Link!

First off, this app is purely not for profit.
All money will be used to pay the developers/coders and any further work on the app.

There are three ways to donate!

Interac e-Transfer
(through your online banking)

To Geoff de Ruiter, using my email address geoffreyderuiter@gmail.com, and phone 250-613-2739


Credit Cards

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Thank you kindly for your support and encouragement!

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