Candidates and Organizations: RECALL!

Donations:  Democracy Dive's ActBlue Page lets you donate now to Democratic candidates in Wisconsin's recall elections (governor, lieutenant governor, and senators), to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, or to organizations working on Wisconsin recalls.  This page has information on all of the candidates and organizations you can donate to through Democracy Dive's ActBlue Page. 


"Wisconsin needs a governor who is focused on jobs, not ideology; a leader committed to bringing our state together and healing political wounds, not pitting people against each other and catering to the special interests."

Tom Barrett was a legislator and congressman before becoming Mayor of Milwaukee.  Having served during Walker's stranglehold on Milwaukee County and then Walker's stranglehold on Wisconsin, Barrett is all too familiar with everything that is WRONG with the current governor's authoritarian, Nixonian approach.

Tom Barrett is an honest, decent leader.  He has taken on the fight, and is eager to heal the civil war that Scott Walker started. 

Thank you, Tom Barrett for stepping up!  We look forward to welcoming you to the governor's office next month!

Democratic Party of Wisconsin's statement on Tom Barrett's candidacy

Tom Barrett and Scott Walker post-primary interviews on WISN-TV

13th Senate District -- Lori is the amazing woman who single-handedly took on senate leader and pariah Scott Fitzgerald when the Democratic Party couldn't stomach it -- she forced his recall, and now she's stepped up to run against him! 

John Lehman's Website

21st Senate District (to unseat Van Wanggaard) -- John brings 14 years of legislative experience to this race. 

Mahlon Mitchell's Website

"This is something bigger than just you and me. This is about Justice and this is about History. I guarantee you we are on the right side of justice and we will make history."

President of the
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, Mahlon Mitchell rushed to the rescue in February, 2011, and has been fighting for us ever since!

“I have been a fire fighter for 15 years. When firefighters see an emergency we respond. We respond because we care about our community. It’s a level of service and a calling that only a few decide to take. I look at being LT Gov as another part of this service. As fire fighters, we have a motto – all hands working. Every fire fighter on scene is doing a task or job to stabilize the tragedy. We need all hands working now in our community to deal with the emergency in Madison. ”

Donna Seidel's Website
29th Senate District -- Representative Seidel will bring her legislative experience to the senate to the seat vacated by senator Pam Galloway after Galloway was recalled.


23rd Senate District (to unseat Terry Moulton) -- Representative Dexter brings legislative experience to this race, and has served on education, health, and rural affairs committees.