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NEW! One-time only; one-of-a-kind!  We have three necklace designs, one necklace of each.  Each necklace will go to the FIRST $100 donation through the link selecting that necklace -- see the info below, then use the "Select Your Bracelet" link to choose your necklace*. 
Necklace Length
TOP: "We Are Still Here"  -- 16"
white bone dash,
carnelian and red tiger eye dot, wooden disk letter separators, cut glass word separators. 

MIDDLE: "Solidarity Forever" -- 18" black dyed bone dashes, carnelian and red tiger eye dots, shell disk letter separators, cut glass word separator. 

BOTTOM: "Proud Union Thug" -- 18" Same materials as "We Are Still Here," and is actually the same length as the middle necklace -- I lowered it for the photo so you could see each clearly.

These necklaces were jumped down from 14,000 feet during our 8/21/2011 Democracy Dive / United Wisconsin Recall Rally, and are offered here for the first time -- I saved them for the final push.  Be a part of history!  Donate $100 today to help save Wisconsin, and get a Freedom Fighter keepsake to remember the Battle for Wisconsin!
*I will check daily, and will remove the link when each necklace has been claimed.  If we get two donations for one design and we still have other designs left, I will offer an alternate design.  If you've donated after all necklaces have gone and before I have a chance to remove the link, I'll offer you the bracelet of your choice.  You still, of course, get the value of your donation going to save Wisconsin. 

At our most recent Bead-O-Rama bracelet making party we made the JUMP DOWN designs.  These bracelets were in my pockets when I took my 8/21/2011 skydive, and appear in our Recall Walker Democracy Dive video -- they helped me jump Walker down then, and with your support they'll help jump Walker down in January!

JUMP DOWN designs:

JumpDown Details
Top to bottom:  "Union Thug" ("Wisconsin" -- all gone) "Tax the Rich" "Stand up fight back" (click on the image to enlarge)

"Union Thug" dots are Czech glass (clear with turquoise centers), orange Czech glass dashes, clear yellow Czech glass disk letter separators, and faceted clear Czech glass word separators.

("WISCONSIN" has red flat Czech glass dots, hematite dashes, and clear yellow Czech glass disk letter separators -- ALL GONE)

"Tax the Rich" dots are Czech glass (clear with turquoise centers), deep iridescent blue dashes, shell letter separators, and red tiger eye word separators (look dark brown).

"Stand up fight back" has pink glass dots, blue glass dashes, matte silvery glass letter separators, and large clear drop glass beads with pink centers as word separators.

When we made the JUMP DOWN designs we also made two new wire bracelet designs (click on photos to enlarge):

August Wire Bracelets "Aint no power like the power of people" "Our G*O*P is F*A*S*C*I*S*T" 

 "Aint no power like the power of people" is about 2-1/2 rounds of wire with dots of gold-colored Czech glass, orange Czech glass dashes, deep blue letter separators, and tiny hematite star word separators.

"Our G*O*P is F*A*S*C*I*S*T" is about 1-1/3 rounds of wire with small hematite dots, multicolor (random) Czech glass dashes, clear yellow Czech glass disk letter separators, and tiny hematite stars as word separators and between "spelled out" letters (e.g. G*O*P)

Original Designs:  We still a few of each of these left, except for the original "WISCONSIN" coral design (click to enlarge).

Original Clasp Bracelets

The first bracelet says "SOLIDARITY."  The dots are hematite, dashes are golden Czech glass, letter separators are shell. ~9-1/4" on coated wire with a lobster claw clasp. This one's too long for a bracelet for me. I wear it as an anklet. 

(The second bracelet is "WISCONSIN" in coral, and this bracelet is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.)

The third bracelet is "THE PEOPLE UNITED WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED."  The dots are silvery Czech glass, dashes are green Czech glass, letter separators are smaller hematite spheres, word separators are larger hematite disks. On memory wire, ~1-1/2 times around (~12-1/4").

The last bracelet is "DEMOCRACY."  The dots and dashes are hematite, letter separators are shell. ~7" on coated wire with a lobster claw clasp.

At our first Bead-O-Rama bracelet making party 7/20 we made two new designs in addition to the four above.  (NO LONGER AVAILABLE:  The first is a reprise of the design I gave to Arlo Guthrie when he sang with the Solidarity Sing-Along!  My note about this bracelet can be found here, and it speaks to why this design is special to me.  "This is what Democracy looks like" (Arlo) bracelet has dots of silvery Czech glass, dashes of multicolor (random) Czech glass; letter separators are hematite disks, and word separators are faceted clear Czech glass.)

The second is a clasp bracelet and spells "SOLIDARITY" in shorter orange beads (only one left), so its bracelet length is shorter than the golden "SOLIDARITY."

So as of 5/25/2012, the available designs include:

  • Jump Down "We Are Still Here" -- one-of-a-kind necklace
  • Jump Down "Proud Union Thug" -- one-of-a-kind necklace
  • Jump Down "Solidarity Forever" -- one-of-a-kind necklace
  • Jump Down "Union Thug" clasp

  • Jump Down "Tax the Rich" clasp
  • Jump Down "Stand up Fight Back" clasp
  • August Wire "Aint No Power Like the Power of People"
  • August Wire "Our G*O*P is F*A*S*C*I*S*T"
  • Golden "SOLIDARITY" clasp
  • Wire "The People United Will Never Be Defeated"
  • "Democracy" clasp
  • Orange "SOLIDARITY" clasp (ONE LEFT)

You can choose and request your bracelet by Clicking Here

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