Morse Code Bracelets

NEW! One-time only; one-of-a-kind!  We have three necklace designs, one necklace of each.  Each necklace will go to the FIRST $100 donation through the link selecting that necklace -- find more info on the "Bracelet Details" link. 
I am offering hand made Morse Code bracelets as an incentive to donate to Democratic candidates in the Wisconsin recall elections.  The dot and dash beads harbor hidden protest messages -- stylish and subversive!  Here is our new "JUMP DOWN" series of clasp bracelets -- these bracelets took the dive with me during our Democracy Dive skydiving protest, and are infused with freefall euphoria to keep you energized throughout the recalls!
JumpDown Bracelets
Jump Down Bracelets: "Stand Up Fight Back" anklet, "Tax the Rich" ["Wisconsin" no longer available] "Union Thug"

I am not selling bracelets, I am giving them as a "thank you."  We (a few teachers and other activists) donate all materials and time (more than an hour per bracelet shopping, designing, assembly, packaging, delivering, FBing, etc). If we tried to make a business of this they would be too expensive to sell!  We get no compensation whatsoever, hoping to leverage $$ for the critical recall efforts of several organizations and candidates -- our reward will be knowing that we contributed to save our state.  Minimum bracelet donation is $20 ($50 if mailed), but of course we'd love for you to donate as much as you can to any or all of these worthy candidates! 

100% of your donation goes to the candidate of your choice (all Democratic candidates in the 2012 Wisconsin recall elections).  Since we exchange no money online, and I therefore can't charge anything for shipping, we can meet at the Capitol (or a mutually convenient place) to get the bracelet to you.  I am willing to mail at my own expense for donations of over $50 for out-of-area donors.  Since this is a gift to you and not a purchase, (and since I am not a businesswoman, but an incredibly busy parent, activist, and teacher), I hope you'll enjoy your bracelet, and I don't offer replacements.  

We are therefore offering a bracelet "thank you" for any donation between $20 ($50 if you need it mailed) and the maximum donation (thousands per candidate).  Have at it! 

(Again, don't think of it as a "price" -- it's a donation to candidates for the reward of saving Wisconsin, and getting a pretty and meaningful bracelet is an added nicety!)

To donate for a bracelet "thank you", check out bracelet details if you like, then select your bracelet.

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Sep 10, 2011, 9:29 PM