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Welcome to the Democracy Dive website. We fling ourselves from perfectly functioning airplanes to demonstrate our anger, our determination, and our love of life. We also aim to HAVE FUN!

Insanity overtook Wisconsin state government in February, 2011.  During an extremely stressful time, several teachers at a Madison, Wisconsin elementary school decided to go skydiving together to let off steam and reaffirm our bonds as colleagues.  We had different political views, and different ways of expressing our political views, but we have valued and supported each other throughout the past several trying months.

Back on May 8, 2011 (Mother's Day) when we took our dive, two of us decided to make a political statement out of that skydiving event, and Democracy Dive was born. 

Since then we have raised money for candidates in Wisconsin's recall elections.  On August 21, United Wisconsin to Recall Scott Walker threw a rally at the airport for our second Democracy Dive.  We had 12 beginning jumpers altogether, taking 12 tandem jumps to signal our shift -- with the senate recalls behind us, and two new Democrats in the state senate, we have set our sites on RECALLING SCOTT WALKER.  Won't you dive in?

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Skydiving Videos

The fantastic folks at AtmosphAir, who have hosted both of our Democracy Dives, created videos of our jumps.  We get giddy thrills re-watching them! 


Some of these are the videos directly from AtmosphAir, and some are edited as Democracy Dive compilations.  To link to our video page (including protest music videos), click here!