Australian Senate


2007 Election Results
            Queensland     (The results that Antony Green and the AEC do not want you to know about).
The 2007 Queensland Senate count was a stolen election.  Stolen by a flawed, out of date system, used in counting the vote

The anlaysis above highlights the deficincies in the current method of segmenation and the distortion in the outcome of the count. Antony Green ABC electoral analyst is in denail refusing to undertake independent analysis of the 2007 Queensland Senate results in comparision. The fact that both Meek and the Wright system have produced the same result which differs from the official results of the Senate count is of serious concern.

Why is Antony Green in denial is anyones guess?

In failing to address this issue Antony Green has compromised his professional standing. It is assumed that the reason he has failed to undertake this analysis is personal pride in that that he did not idenitify this problem..

He did come on board on the hypothetical analysis of the Victorian Senate count and the potential distortion arising from the flawed method of calculating the Surplus Transfer value but he failed to realise the full impact of segmentation in the method used to count the vote. 

Segmentation seriously distorts the outcome of the ballot.  It unfaily inflates the value of some votes that should be transferred at a lower value. 

A simple test is to exclude all candidates - except the last seven remaining in the count (the six positions plus one) and redistibuted the all the preference votes as if all other excluded candidates had not stood. On every exclusion the ballot should be reset and the count restarted.  The system as currently implemented was designed to take take short cuts to facilitate a manual count.  With the use of computer based technology there is no merit or justification in not undertaking a full distribution if proportionally weighted preferences.  Both Meek method and the Wright reiterative counts fullfill this principle.  Either one should be adopted.
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