Dungeon Keeper 2 

A Players Guide 

Dungeon Keeper 2 version 1.7 has been released !

It is available here: http://www.dk2.webplatez.com

Version 1.7 contains the Maiden of the Nest creature, Jack-in-the-Box trap, Mercenaries (Hero type creatures that you attract to your dungeon), Win2000 compatibility, Bump Mapping on lava and water for Matrox G400 cards, 3 new maps, and many fixes and tweaks.

Click here for the windows xp and window vista fix

Want to create custom maps for DK2.

The new version of DK2Mapper.exe will fix the Black Screen Lockup problem when loading unofficial maps in v1.61, it will make the starting-view-position centered on the Dungeon Heart, and it will fix a few minor problems with the variable settings. The new version of DKmapperGUI.exe will also fix some problems with triggered spell availability. Many thanks to Mark for adding these changes for us. When using this version of DK2Mapper, you must place timed triggers last in the *.map file, after at least one area trigger, or they will not work. This can be done easily by cut & paste. Slap triggers do not appear to work in this version. Download these new versions here.

DK2 version 1.7 Update (28.8mB) -> Most recent DK2 update. Includes all 3 Bonus Packs. Updates retail CD version (v1.3) to v1.7 - Other updates also available here.

DK2SoundsPlaylists (11kB) -> With these m3u playlist files, it's very easy to listen to ALL the sounds & music (including Disco Inferno) from the game, through WinAmp or other mp3 programs.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Fonts (178kB) -> Fonts from the game. Also used on this web page.

DK2Mapper v1.3 (79kB) -> DK2 custom map creator ( text based ).
Use with the Graphical Interface below. Author: Mark Kinkead

DK2MapperGUI v1.2 (701kB) -> Graphical Interface for DK2Mapper.
Author: Mark Kinkead

Official DK2 Editor -> The Official Editor for DK2 Maps



Sacrifice 2 or 3 things to the Dark Gods, and they will reward you.
Just drop the creatures or cast the spells into the temple.
Make sure you do it in the correct order though.
These are all of the recipes for v1.61/v1.7 and are all verified.


To Get This....           Sacrifice This...              And This.........                    And This.........

Bile Demon                Vampire x 2                         
Warlock                     Troll x 2
Mistress                    Salamander x 2
Troll                          Dark Elf x 2
Goblin                       Warlock x 2
Salamander                Rogue x 2                      FireFly
Dark Elf                     Skeleton x 2
Vampire                    Black Knight x 2
Rogue                       Bile Demon x 2
Skeleton                   Mistress x 2
Black Knight              Guard                             Warlock                             FireFly
                          Black Knight