David Deming
Assistant Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Faculty Research Fellow, NBER

My research focuses on the economics of education, particularly early childhood and K-12 education, and the effect of education policies on long-term outcomes other than test scores. 

I have recently been named a William T. Grant Scholar for my proposed project, The Long-Run Influence of School Accountability: Impacts, Mechanisms and Policy Implications.


I will no longer be updating this site. Here is a link to my new Harvard scholar webpage. The photo above was taken four years, two jobs and two children ago. Consider these mitigating circumstances when contrasting it with the more recent picture. As always, thanks for visiting.

CV (click for PDF version)

Papers and Publications

"School Segregation, Educational Attainment and Crime: Evidence from the End of Busing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg" (with Steve Billings and Jonah Rockoff), revise and resubmit, Quarterly Journal of Economics.

"School Choice, School Quality and Academic Achievement", American Economic Review, forthcoming.

"For Profit Colleges" (with Claudia Goldin and Larry Katz), Future of Children, 2013, 23(1): 137-163.

"The For-Profit Postsecondary School Sector: Nimble Critters or Agile Predators?" (with Claudia Goldin and Larry Katz). 2012. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 26(1): 139-164.

"Better Schools, Less Crime?" 2011. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 126(4): 2063-2115.

"Early Childhood Intervention and Life-Cycle Skill Development: Evidence from Head Start". 2009.  American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 1(3): 111-34.

         Nick Kristof featured this paper in a recent column, "Occupy the Classroom".

"The Lengthening of Childhood" (with Susan Dynarski). 2008.  Journal of Economic Perspectives, 22(3): 71-92.

         This paper was featured in the 2008 New York Times Magazine Year in Ideas Issue.

"Into College, Out of Poverty? Policies to Increase the Postsecondary Attainment of the Poor" (with Susan Dynarski) in Targeting Investments in Children: Fighting Poverty When Resources are Limited, Philip Levine and David Zimmerman (eds.) University of Chicago Press (forthcoming).