Michael DeMers' Webpages

More information than you ever cared to know about me.

My professional website is here (http://www.nmsu.edu/~geoweb) 

Why the site?

Like most, I have both a personal and a professional life.  Many who interact with me as a professional seldom know much about my personal interests.  On the converse, many who know me personally really don't have a clue what I do at work.  I thought it would be nice to give those who are interested a look at both sides.  

Who Am I?

Good question!  I'm a 64 year old resident of Dona Ana County, New Mexico.  My address says Las cruces but  I don't technically live in the city.  Instead I live just on the edge, southeast of New Mexico State University, my employer.  More on that later.

I've been married to Dolores (Doxon) since November 24, 1984.  I'm an active member of St Albert the Great Newman Catholic parish where I serve as a lector and communion minister and find companionship with some very intelligent and enjoyable people.  We often get together after Mass on Sunday's to chat about all sorts of interesting topics from travel to philosophy and from books to movies.  

Professionally, I'm Professor of Geography at New Mexico State University and CEO of a new business specializing in GIS educational resources.  I've published four books on GIS, one of which (Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems) is currently in both Simple Chinese and Russian.  My last book, GIS for Dummies is a trade book designed to popularize a complex subject.  I've been teaching since 1974, and specifically GIS and related subjects (e.g. landscape ecology) since 1983.