Welcome to DEMCAD's site

Reginald Kaigler (aka DEMCAD) began us youtube career in 2008 as a conservative Republican proving analysis on the 2008 Presidential Race. He quickly changed his platform after the federal government's bailouts of corporate banks and has been producing videos as an anti-establishment libertarian. He has derailed both Barack Obama and George W. Bush as puppets of the corporatist establishment. In recent years, he has shown anarchist tendencies in some of his videos.


DEMCAD is a 29 year old Michigan native who lived in a small town on an island in Alaska for two years. He moved to Ketchikan, Alaska in January 2008 to serve as an Americorps VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) at Ketchikan High School. Reginald helped high school kids acquire scholarships, apprenticeships and jobs. He also served as the liaison for the high school, assistant in the Class Act programs and the web administrator for the Counseling website.  Afterward, He served as the Ombudsman at Revilla Alternative School where he continued my career in career development.  He is currently living with my family in Flint, MI.

What does DEMCAD mean? CAD represents Computer aided drafting. I used to love AutoCAD when I was a kid. DEM is just a variant name of CAD. (i.e. XEONCAD) .



DEMCAD is an actively prepper. He has stated in numerous videos that he believes that the U.S. economy is doomed to fall and that people must start preparing for a collapse. He has also gone on record to refute the claims that the U.S. economy has began a recovery. He advocates storing food, water and ammunition. Reginald has created numerous videos on his food storage, guns (Glock 21, Mossberg 30'06 and Mossberg 500) and 72 Hour bag.


Social issues

In contrast to his economically conservative views is his support for gay rights. DEMCAD considers himself to be pro-life, but pro gay marriage. He's been noted for his support of stem cell research and opposition to affirmative action.


Views on Marriage 

DEMCAD became notorious for releasing a series of videos criticizing the institution of marriage as a money trap for men. Female viewers have accused Reginald of "women hating." Although he has never claimed that all of American women fit into one mold, he has highlighted common complaints about American women.  He claims that his objection is with the legal system and not women.

Rules of the Channel
1. No Censorship (I don't block people or delete comments, so don't try to tell me what I can say) 
2. No spam. I will accept any Youtube friendship and allow people to send messages. I will do my best to respond to each one. But if you send me a mass message that doesn't address me, I will disregard it as spam and unfriend you.


DEMCAD's views has attracted the numerous online stalkers. The most prominent is youtuber skyding8962 who has created a homepage depicted Reginald as Fat Albert. The feud began when Skyding uploaded one of DEMCAD's videos. DEMCAD filed a copyright claim against Skyding and the harassment began.


Praise and Criticism of Alex Jones

Reginald has criticized Alex Jones for his method of delivering information, but has also favorably reviewed Alex Jones' films "The Obama Deception" and "The Fall of the Republic."