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What We Do

We release interviews and gigs, but these have to be of a high standard and the music is a lot more selective.

Any single songs that are promoted along with an interviewor gig ( Which a lot of bands still do)  we only release to listen to on our reverbnation profile or bandcamp. We only have it for download either free or to buy if that's what the artist wants to do.

We give bands, acts, duos, solo artists airplay, of well writen songs and creative work.
We can interview bands live on radio( which are recorded automatically) or recorded but not on a radio program. 

All interviews are promoted with a segment cut from the full version, which is just speech. Then the full interview released either in radio forum,( Talk, song, talk) or talk and music under the speech. We discus that with bands on an individual basis

We nominate songs to the Music World Radio top 20 chart, which we also help administer and on occasion broadcast
Coming soon plans to get contacts built up of venues for band to play gigs.  There are venues in the local area, but what sounds come along and fit the venue what we have to sort out

We have restructed the Demand Records online shop New CD album sales and the Digital Interview Downloads

All links two radio shows and all other links for promotion online here 

I have built up contacts through the radio station, but with this it's separate because the station is non profit. I do donate money to the station every so often

Note: We don't ask for money upfront for promoting a band. As i have discovered and so have many bands, there are a lot of conmen about. So the only money we take the percentage of sales from interviews and recorded gigs.  Any band that  decides to release an ep or album through us? we will take that into consideration, thank you
Paul Readman,
9 May 2011, 06:18