Music Revolution Promo channel

In 2011 we had a bit of reshuffle with our presence on Youtube.  

All Interviews and performance are now available and going on Youtube.  This is for various reasons. For one there is a lot of room, as long as we keep with music from bands we interview amd have permission for.
All interview have as much footage as possible, including music videos of the band where the music of the video is played.  At the moment there is no video interviews, although thats in the pipeline this year.


We have now introduced the Youtube playlist system to bands we interview and upload the youtube. Each band is on its own playlist. Since interview and there is an interview, the time is usually over an hour. So a video introduction by me, then the interview in to parts(Depends how long when edited) and then a performance( When there is one)

                                                                 This is an example of a Playlist                             

                                                Glowpeople(Acid Jazz, triphop, prog rock live act)

Two main interviews coming soon and a performance

Maini Sorri
The Swedish Pop queen's Last full interiew with us.  This will have video introduction by me, fan shoutout from a radio competition.  this will include footage and music

U.K indie rock band, producing some great material- The most recent interview and a fantastic 30 minute performance of their new recordings and Nickelback cover. The content will be a video introduction by me, interview and 30 minuter performance. This is an edited version of the radio show, but the performance will be uncut