The Independents

The independent labels from England to American are still going strong. Signing new acts all the time and releasing great creative work.
Here is a video shot by one of the indie label attending an indie label market at Berwick Street, London recently

Over the last few years the music industry has been in its biggest shake up since the invention of the audio CD
Also beinghit by illegal downloads, merger after meger, which did not do much good, suprisingly this was major non independent labels.
EMI was recently rescued with huge debts, but as i discovered with the reports in the press, they had a chequered history with or too many takeovers of other labels

The other problem is Major label investing too heavily in TV music contest shows, release cover albums and unless the artists is something special they disappear after 6 month, which is very true in many cases.

Now, going to the Independent label, who have found a way out of the storm, keeping from the manufactured music and keeping with their roots, which is creative, well written music with imagination. Many labels, which we have featured on radio programs from Mid May and continue to, have been in business from the late 70s around the punk era and some founded in the mid 80s with New romantic mixed with alternative music. Back then, it was a different era and less formats around. But the Independent have grasped new technology, whereas gig labels took a bit of time to find their feed. Mute records was the first Indie label to have website in the mid 90s and The Beggars group, which comprises of XL Recordings, Matador Records, Rough Trade) was formed in 2008.
As with a lot of people, I assumed the term 'Record Label' was dead, but after researching label features, i found this not to be true.  The area of digital come from pirates and some label realised the potential market.   But as always if you know how to manage your business, you can find a way to survive. Many indie labels offer download singles for free, either originals or remixes and that promotes the album, which is either download only or both.  The big advantage with digital music is there are no distribution costs as there is with vinyl and CDs. The other downside is that digital music also lacks value in later years, as with Vinyl and CDs even knew music gains value.  Whatever you percpetion is of digital music, is not going to go away. The only downside with the digital music, which never happened with hard copies, is that is too easy to downgrade quality, which is MP3s.  People think mp3s are the best thing since slices bread, but really MP3s have reduced the quality and only Wav files, which is the uncompressed digital format, is only non hard copy that parellels CD, which is compressed more than wav but not as much as Mp3.
Vinyl will always be the top format for music and is the longest lasting over nearly 70 years.  This is what independents understand more than Major labels, like Sony

Follow the independents, where the real music is, not the TV shows where the plastic music is

DJ Readman
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