Radio Shows


Below are the radio show I present for radioplay promotion every Monday and Thursday 8-10pm on 
We uploading the shows, uncut, on an iplayer weekly system basis.  Everything we do is on a zero budget. Were not a charity but if you would like to donate, by all means. All contributions are greatfully recieved and go towards the ongoing unsigned and independent artists effort

A Little More Variety in Radio

From Monday 3rd April, both shows we broadcast on Music World Radio are going to have one name.
It has not been easy to choose as a title that represents many styles and many sounds. We have had variations over time
but nothing really felt right and we want to keep it simple as well and to remember
The new songs we receive and the classics we are play are many different styles.   We left the change for a while as we did not want to keep changing the title all the time.  The final straw came when a local listener finally gave me the push when she thought FOlk2FUnk was just Folk music. At the time it was a good idea, but its gives show barriers which it does not have


First hour, great music from Jet Noir, Mudhorse and many more. The second hour is the live interview with Art and Sean,
two members of the L.A Rock Rap band, The Chimpz. FInd out all about them when i had a chat with them and played their ep



Thursdays show 

Paul Readman,
28 Oct 2011, 10:08