Lee Negin Special

    Monday 26th september, 
    Lee Negin returns to the Folk2Funk show 
    via us on Music World Radio,  
    to promote his new Ambient album, 
    Wu Wei

    To listen to many songs, you got to his Reverbnation page
    For more information about Lee Negin

    Mondays Radio album special
    Folk2Funk 26th September
    Over two hours of Psychedlic rock, ambient and a bit of pop with Lee Negin and Some classsics from the Decades, chosen by him.
    This was to promote his album Wi Wei, pure Ambient sounds, shapes and colours. The album includes Mind the Gap and Tranquil Abiding, which were recorded in 2010 and remixed for the album

    Radio Recap
    First interview was broadcast in April 2010, we talked to Lee for the first time, in which we talked about his background, success and his single, Nothing Goes Right. 
    This time around, talking about his new album and a catchup on the last interview in Febuary, which was never fully released due unforseen audio problems on playback
    From his first release in early 80s Wired for Sound release which was a huge success globally, with the Bside, Nothing Goes Right, which was remastered and released digital in 2010 after great internet interest. Because of the A&R need for a string of hits, which not hour Lee worked, decided to kept in artist form and began teaching music. Although he released an album in 1994, Balance, which was when he was in Japan (Recorded in Santa Barbara a year before)  It wasn't until the internet/digital age struck in that his music was heard once more. Lee began work on two full length albums, with would turn out to be both released in 2011. The first, released in Febuary 2011, Hungry Ghosts, which is a mixture of electric pop and Ambient, mastered by engineer legend, John Aston(The Who, Bowie, Zeppelin), received world wide acclaim. The next release which is purely ambient, which will remind you of The Orb and Future Sound of London, Wu wei, is the album we are going to be chating about.

    Audio examples

    Interview from 2010

    This 17 minute segment is a edited cut, with the mentions subject above and from the original interview in 2010
    This is going over his first single, his background

    THE single, that started it all
    Nothing Goes Right   Video

    From the first new album and new material(No old hat here)
    From the Hungry Ghosts album - The Saga of Cheese

    From the new album and what we will be talking about in the interview, Monday

    Taster of his new album, Mind..the Gap

    Paul Readman,
    25 Sep 2011 10:57