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News 2013
After a strange battle with a domain name and trying in vein to login, we have finally got in to the website.
There is loads to add since i began writing blogs to compensate
Here is the blog we have been writing  here
Weekly Radio shows
All weekly LIVE radio and the uploaded recorded show information is currently here
This entire promotion runs on free time. If you would like to donate to the cause or pay for a banner to be displayed or an artists who thinks we are doing a good job with what we do? Then you can DONATE

Radio Variety Show Competiton compilations

Brand new series of compilations to be given away on my radio shows
More here

Possible venue for guests

A few days go i spoke to the manager of the Old Auctioneer in Parson Street Banbury. 
They have a free fuction room area and i suggested to him about live radio shows
Got the the blog for more information here

Special guests

First performance of 2013 were lovely duo from, Daventry, 
Matt and Carley, known as Silverspark. 
There are a rock pop duo, who came and performed a few songs for us 
and had a chat.
This is the blog with video we shot of performance and interview footage

Jet Noir with Tony Mayo

We have had two specials with Jet Noir and Tony Mayo.
First was October 2012, where i was fortunate enough to have Jet in the same room for two hours.  Due to her phoias she does not go out very much. Its was such a delight to see her and Tony as well, which killed two birds with one stone.
The Monday( January 21st) we did a Skype interview because of the show, with both on Skype. Talking more about their colaborations, mentioning more on Naked lunch for new listeners, gigs and Batman and Robin



From the 24th January a feature on electro artist Prahjekts, who we recently interviewed
All shows are uploaded as recorded the day after.  Whatever happens you will not miss it



We have had our small online shop on for a while
but noticed a few faulty links, but all corrected now

All CD album on sale, all direct from the artists


                                         They came, they performed....
   and Jest turned into Friya Tuck. More on the Dog Food 'In House' performance


 Solo Project
Paul DJ Readman (My new solo, colaboration and remix work

June 2012 i began poetry reading as a segment
Then i recorded, Pirates in My Sink, which is a poem
from Gary Cornman
Full story here here

The Doolallays
A New beginning
Now four members, with Chris Oakes on bass guitar H


Music Reviews

Classic Rock from Sweden

Review of Summoned Tide fourthcoming second album
The bringer of Tides here

Andy Hearn
Its Gonna Be Alright
New written album review, after listening to Andy Hearns
album above. Check it out here


More Recorded Shows
The Cherry Bluestorms

The interview and performance by the Pop Rocker. 
The Cherry Bluestorms.
This is before the English tour asn part of IPO Festival
They talk about the music, the tour, their albums
Transit of Venue and new album, Bad Penny Opera

The Return of Cult with no Name
The whole interview

Erik and Jon returned to our show in March 2012
to promote their new album, 
Above As below
We have here the hour and 20 minute interview including music

The Chimpz have come

This is the first interview on mixcloud
Art and Sean of the Rock Rap outfit
were live for an hour from L.A, via Skype 
Monday 9th April on my Radio Variey Show
More for information and Interview here

New Submissions

This section has be been launched with
Soundcloud and Reverbnation players
Soundcloud is used for new submissions 
Reverbnation is used for interview segments, live audio
and other audio here


Youtube Channel

Its been a bit of stop start, stop start for my Youtube channel. I have now got a Dj Readman channel for all radio interview and performances that have been filmed
Kate Dare returns

Local Acoustic singer songwritter, Kate J Dare
We have live songs from her performance @ Hollybush
For more information go here

The year is 2011

40 minute radio interview with band footage now on Youtube
i had the privledge of conducting with guitarist, Adam Zadel of American Rock band Soil. We already have footage on our youtube channel...more here

Against all will on Youtube
Spring 2011, one of the first pretty high profile musicians i
have interviewed
I had the pleasure of talking to Jimmy Allen, the founder, 
guitarist of Against all Wall and founder of Puddle of Mudd
The 30 minutes interview with band footage now available

Maini Sorri
The Swedish Pop queen is finally on Youtube
in full interview glory go here
Listening in

You can now listen in live to our weekly radio shows on an app
Music World Radio is registered with Tunein radio
You this for your smartphone and you can also listen in via theor
Facebook app here


Great show had by all, on thie first band special of 2012.
Two of the acid jazz collective, Neil Raybould(Drummer), Chris(Keyboards) who we had a live chat with are now present on our Youtube channel on a 3 part playlist
More here


From the Portugese

Red has a live interview with Red Lizzard in 2011
We also had radio competition this year to win the
ep you see to your left
Now with the help of fan we want the interview
on youtube
There also going to be an Youtub competition
which the lucky winner wins a signed copy of 
their new ep, 'In Your Face'.
We also have the U.K to buy here in the U.K
Go here to buy the ep

From the Scotish Highlands

Ross Arthur

Great Scotish songwriting talent, 
Ross Arthur returned to the radio waves a few weeks ago
on Newusb. The full interview is now available on our
Youtube chanel
Go here

                                                         Pages and 2011 highlights

Lori Rose interview

Great and popular show with great chat and great music. Talked to American R&B/ Pop musician Lori Rose for an hour on December 15th on Thursday show.  

More information and and interview here

A chat with Little Stevie 

We had a chat, which has been a long time coming
with Steven Pridmore, aka, Little Stevie, with two other
musicians, under the Fatrats
Their latest songs, nice acoustic rock, which was the focus
of the chat.
To listen to the interview and for the first time you can choose to 
either donate to the download or Dl it for free

New/ blog

For the latest snippets that we find and receive. you can now go to the new/ blog section  here

Lee Negin

Lee Negin Returned to Promote New album

Composer, Lee Negin, Returned to the Folk2Funk show on Monday 26th September

His new Ambient album. Wi Wei

more here

Stephen Bootland

Stephen is the man responsible for most of us knowing the great quality and sounds of the Portugese musicians
We managed to catch Stephen for a few minutes. 
To listen to the segments click here

Jack Mittleman Special

Friday 7th October, we had a have a special bonus show with music and live interview with Canadian musician Jack Mittleman.  More information here

Jet Noir

A great classically trained local Goth trance producer in the form of Jet Noir. 
More here

Mixture of Film and Music returns 

From a one off in September to a Halloween special at the end of October 2011, scenes from film and TV have been creeping back in.

After feedback on Facebook a few months ago, it was decided to feed film audio back into the show and one off specials every so often here

3rd birthday on MWR

I have been on net radio since 2005 but Monday 22nd August 2011 will be my 3rd year on Music World Radio

My passion for music is the reason i present radio shows.  On the mic every week, interviewing bands, playing and enjoying new music, alongside the classics from various decades.  The reason i broadcast on Music World Radio is the musical broadcasting freedom the station gives.  Something i have been wanting to do for years, present a chart show, which they have and i present on occasion.  The presenting is voluntry, but i hope at some point in my life to be paid for it.  here












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