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New U.K online section on our site for overseas musician new CD music releaes
And free U.K Delivery 
Many sites are based in the U.S like CD baby, where after delivery costs and delivery time the price goes up. 
This line on this page is for non U.K bands wanting to sell their music to U.K customers. Demand Records is based in the U.K so can wave the delivery costs to anyone wanting to buy a CD from say a Canadian band.
We believe in CDs for fans and vinyl (Future) and merchandise they want to keep from their favourite bands.  These are original albums buy the artist and we deal direct with them or the promoters they go through. Every copy sold is genuine
All payments are through paypal. You can send a money order, which a good way to pay, no cheques please


1.The Sound of No Sound
2.The Saga of Cheeze
3.Pas de Deux
4.Same Town, Different Universe
5.One and Only True Manhood
6.Let Go
9.Siddhartha's Smile
10.Not Knowing Mind
11.Cheeze Takes on the N.A.N ites
12. The Dance
13. Hungry Ghosts

The James Clark Institute - Sideshow Unattraction £9 In Stock

1.Big Shoes To Fill,
2.The World I Used To Live In
3.Sleeping In My Favourite Shirt 
4. Monstrous
5.Lake Monona Last Night 
7. Chalk Outline 
8 Popularity Contest
9. Bettie Page Rides A Donkey 
10. Girl Heroine
11. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight Jennie Lee
12. Nonetheless Happy

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