Developed in 2020 A.P. (Necropyre Calendar) the NS1 was a radical leap forward in personal protection and combat capability for the Demagan Mechanized Infantry and Special Operations Commandos. With the advent of more and more complex and advanced systems hitting the battlefield the DMCC desperately needed an armor system that could ensure more survivability for the legions and a stronger presence on the battlefield. Designed in response to the introduction of the Alterran Intra Armor line the NS1 outperformed any other personal combat apparatus in use. However with technology advancing all across the multiverse the NS1 line has been matched in capability and protection.

Enhancing the soldier's Strength, Speed, Stamina, Vitality, Reaction Time, and Durability the Nanofiber material enables the soldier to manually control the focus of the suit. Depending on the circumstance the soldier can exponentially increase their physical strength allowing them to lift/carry more, jump higher, hit harder, and control heavy weapon recoil better. Enhancing their speed exponentially allows the soldier to move between cover much faster, cover expanses of ground quicker, and flank enemies before the enemy has time to react. Activating the suits Maximum Armor mode toughens the suit up to the point of being virtually bullet proof and extremely resistant to heat damage; allowing the soldier those few prescious seconds of invulnerability in a firefight.
Incorporating the latest and greatest in Nanomachine medical technology of the time the suit is able to respond to trauma to the soldier encompassing everything from burns, scraps, bruises, broken bones, lacerations, toxins, poisons, stress, and provide adrenal stimulants as needed. A closed circuit system keeps the soldier incredibly safe from all known contaminants whether biological, chemical, or radiological.

Downside to this system was the lack of constant power that could be supplied to the "enhanced" modes. typically the reserve power module in the rig could only supply the energy boost for roughly 30 seconds. Troops were trained with this downside very clearly known and were taught to utilize those windows of opportunity to achieve the best results. Nonetheless all things considered this was a system generations ahead of its time. Adding to the armors tangible capability came  a psychological effect on the enemy, rather imposing looking many enemies were simply terrified by the sight of the Nanosuit without ever facing it in combat. It may not have been a perfect solution to the problem of protecting and empowering soldiers in combat... but it was certainly a cornerstone in the equation of Demagan Battlefield Supremacy 


The NS2 came as no surprise that very little would be changed from the previous model. Following the same concept and focus the New system had a communications upgrade, Skeletal Support Upgrade, and a rig upgrade. the design was streamlined and yet was now even more modular, able to incorporate more technology the complexity of the NS2 is roughly double that of the NS1 yet still the system is reliable and incredibly energy efficient. With the adaptation and modification of the newly added Neural Interface soldiers are now able to make snap on the fly decisions in combat without dropping their battle efficiency.
Now the suit itself its in a sense an extension of the soldiers body and mind, a second skin able to react from the warriors though command process the same as every muscle and organ in his body does. The suit is in every way superior to the NS1, and not surprisingly... Crynet System found a way to increase not just the capabilities of the suit.. but the "Fear Factor" of it as well. Often joked about the resemblance of a body builder the suit is all function with little thought as to form. now able to quadruple the time-energy available for enhanced abilities the soldiers are empowered to a entirely new level.


Despite its appearance it is in every way the equivalent of the Demagan Nanosuit 2, the only difference between them is the forfeit of the overlay Nano Fiber Armor. instead the O.I.G model makes use of the slimmer Nano Modular Ballistic Plating which offers a higher degree of protection against kinetic slugs but a slight loss in ability to reflect heat damage back out. A solution to the problem (introduced to both the NS2 models) is a Biogel layer between the skin and the Systic fibrosis dermal layer of the suit. this Biogel layer enhances conductivity between the nervous system and the suit nano receptors allowing transmission of nerve impulses between the user and the suit. This serves a double purpose, both allowing the soldier to control the suit as if it were physically a part of their body, but also allowing the soldier to still have a filtered sensation of touch through the suit.   


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Based upon radical new materials this astonishing Nanotech-Powersuit is plain and simply a whole new era of Imperial Presence on the Battlefield. Designed for a Unit that is in every way the definition of "Force to be reckoned with" the Sevium Juggernauts have a proud new role in the Demagan Empire. This radical new armor design is comprised of 7 layer composite weave ceramics comprised of Cobalt, Iridium, Coltan-Titanium, and a Graviton Mylar coating. Heavy and Tough this suit weighs in at 430 pounds without the user. Very complex and powered by the newest generation of Zero Point Energy Matrix Generators the suit is capable of supporting itself with a Nanofiber Muscular support system designed specifically for this suit behind the brutally tough armor plating. Designed to be used as a Shock Troop armor the suit will rarely if ever see front line combat. The Juggernauts have been re-purposed as Elite High Intensity Shock Troops. They have taken over the "Hellspawn" role and have several new pieces of equipment coming out for them Including the Microfusion Singularity Rifle as seen in the Picture. Test are still in progress, but the rumor through the grapevine is that this armor is virtually indestructible.


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