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about the papa bear

in 1978, my parents were blessed with the birth of the anomaly known as me.  the name papa bear actually came from a cartoon i used to watch called talespin.  the pilot, was baloo.  most people know baloo from the jungle book movies.  evidently, he didn't like playing second fiddle in those movies, so he got his own show.  his nick name was papa bear.  i dunno, i guess it just stuck in my head.  relaxed kinda guy, liked planes, etc., just kinda fit me.  in my own little head, i always called myself papa bear.  i dunno.  if you look into the show talespin, the character is kind of lazy, but always seems to get the job done.  i think that's what i wanted to be like:  not a care in the world, but when something needs to be done right, i just go ahead and get it done.  i'm not really a lazy person, but when the s--- starts to hit the fan, i'm there with an umbrella to turn the fan off.
as a freshman in highschool, i aquired my most comon nick name:  smurf.  i had signed up for this introduction to basic electronics course, which my older brother had taken a couple years before.  the instructor for the class was Mr. Galloway.  biggest blindest redneck goof-ball you'll ever meet, and he was fully proud of being one.  i did not realize this until i met him.  unfortunately, i made the mistake of walking into class late on the first day of school wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a white hat.  my brother was also in the classroom as a teacher's aid and got a real laugh when mr galloway announced to the class that a "reverse smurf" had just arrived.  well, the name kinda stuck.
the name smurf stuck with me all the way through highschool, as mr. galloway and i kind of became friends.  he was one of my favorite teachers.  being the oddball that i am, i got picked on, if nothing else then for my nickname.  after a couple conversations with mr galloway, he taught me to be comfortable with who i was, not what people see me to be.  that's probabally why i kept the nickname smurf into college and x-ray school.  which is where i met my wife.  after we married and had our twins in 2003, i adopted the name papa smurf.  now, if i ever called my wife smurfette, i'd be smacked.  since she has one heck of a back hand, it never happened.  i may have called her mama smurf in my head, but she denies any relation to the smurfs.  la la la gargamel and what not.
so we've had a couple more kids, and i've been thinking about my namesake.  as much as i love the smurfs, i'm really not one of them.  they seem to be a collective of people that are carefree until s--- hits the fan.  that got me thinking about baloo.  that's really more my style.  keep it together, stop the chaos, then sleep it off in a hammock.  but i got to tell ya, i sure do love that red hat from papa smurf, so i'll go by either one.  papa bear just sounds better to me.  now with all the lovely people on the internet, and my love for my family, you can understand why i don't like to post their real names or pictures here.  i dunno, i piss somebody off and they go postal is not my idea of a good time, so that won't happen.  even if you want it to.  don't ask.  not gonna do it.  can't make me.  phbtptbptbpt!
oh yeah, i like cartoons.  can ya tell?