My Apologies

i'd like to take a moment to apologize to all the viewers of delusional radiology.  i haven't had a chance to update since december of last year.  things have been kind of hectic in my life, financially, and work related.  since this is a free site, and i get no money out of it, it tends to fall to the bottom of the stack in the "in box".
as things are piled on top, the site gets further to the bottom.  for this, i do apologize.  as soon as i possibally can, i wll be updating more often.
the second book, which is still in progress, is also on the back burner for now.  do i intend on finishing it?  most definately.  i had planned on it being done by now, doing my final editing, proofreading, etc., and just making it look pretty.  not so much.  it's just going to take me a lot longer than i had hoped or planned.  but as they say, "rome wasn't built in a day", right?
i'd like this site to be as user friendly as possible.  students, new techs, old techs, or just people curious about what we as technologists do.  something where if somebody comes up to you and says "hey, how do you get into a field like this?  i may want to look into it.", you can refer them here to find out if radiology is for them.  "spreading the gospel of radiology" if you will.
so again, for the lack of updates, i have beaten myself senseless, and will try to update with new information as soon as i can.  if anybody has any suggestions, please drop me an email, or comment on my guestbook.  both links are on this page.
thank you everybody for understanding that life does come first.
i'll try to keep this as up to date as i can, but please remember, this is a work in progress and web design is not my specialty.  sue me...
 welcome to delusional radiology.  this site has been established by papa bear, for the means of properly educating people about medical radiology.  too many people have looked at getting into the radiology field, and many times looked within the field for advancement, and recieved incorrect or inacurate information.  this is one of my ways of helping people in the field achieve what they want to achieve, in the correct manner.
for those looking into the radiology field, we have a specific page here at delusional radiology for you.  however, we feel that it is important enough to state this point on our home page.  you may find many online radiology degrees on the internet.  personally, i would highly suggest avoiding these at all costs.  most of them claim that they can give you a radiology degree without spending all that time in the classroom, or they can get you through the program in less than a year.  when it all boils down, the only schools that are worth the effort are those accredited by the arrt.  the  american registry of radiologic technologists is the association that regulates what we do.  by law, if your degree is not from a school approved by this organization, you will be very limited in what you do.  hospitals are required to have technologists who are registered with arrt, and the only way to be registered is to sit for their board exams.  the only way to sit for their boards, is to complete courses at a facillity that has been accredited by them.  basically, if you want to go into radiology, check with these guys first about the schools.  most programs at local comunity colleges (i believe) have been approved by arrt, however it never hurts to check.
for those looking into cross training into another aspect of radiology, we can only vouch for CT scan at this time.  papa bear has written "the book", which gives a quick introduction into some of the basics of ct.  the book can be found on the downloads page.  without personal expierence in the other fields of radiology, we feel it would be a disservice to you as a technologist to try and educate and/or introduce you to those areas.  however, if somebody is willing to submit specific information about other fields in radiology, or would like to co-author a book in that area with papa bear, send him an email, and he'll try to do whatever he can.  f.y.i., he does work 2 full-time positions, and works seven days a week.  we would be more than willing to post the information somewhere here in delusional radiology.
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links inside delusional radiology

  some people aren't sure if this is what they came for.  i'll try to help you figure that out.  ;p
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links outside delusional radiology

arrt - national registry for radiological technologists.  for very acruate information about radiology, go here.
asrt - this is the largest society for radiological technologists i know.
daves places in radiology - ctdave...  great guy...   smart little son of a ...   ;p
radiology forums - this is one of the forums i hang with.  ok, the only one..... in my spare time ..... what, i have that every now and then.....
aunt minnie - very well done and detailed professional radiological web site. 
medical mingle - this is a site kinda like facebook for the medical comunity.  there's everything from nurses, x-ray techs, all the way down to students.  i've got a blog here, and every once in a while, i blog  ... what  ... there's nothing wrong with that.  i'm not ashamed of myself .... yet....
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what i'm currently working on:
ok, i'm starting the second book.  all you people who commented that the first one was "an idiot's guide to ct" haven't seen book 2.  (note to the makers of the idiot's guide to ________ - please don't sue me.  i only mentioned that because your wonderful series is what my book was compared to).  in book 2, i dive into scanning procedures, and what to look for as a new CT technologist.  i'll try to get my "network" of knoledgable CT techs (*ahem* dave?) to read through the book and make sure i'm not giving people bad lessons.
m o r e     i n f o r m a t i o n    t o    c o m e . . . . .
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