The Miles O'Brien Drinkin' Song

Just a wee sea chanty

to warm yer hearts as ya can see even a lowly sailin' man is lookin' fur his one true love



We put da green in tha' girl,

not tha' beer!

Sing along!


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Oh, me and Miles O’Brien

Went out a’beer a’buyin’

But what do we be spyin'?

But a chest of two Defiants!

The site that had a'crossed our path

Was a greeny girl in rags a’swathed!


“You be the married one” I reminded good ol’ Miles

“I be the only one here to guiltless make some smiles.

Surely enough with Keko and kids! Hey- ya transported Deanna's pylons

So let me go off with greeny girl and try out her shamrock Orions!"


So me and Miles O’Brien

Parted for seperate flyin’

He agreed for me a'tryin'

To purloin her loins like lions


But Gods and men, they do not bless the lowly redshirt, I

Miles went off to leave me with she to defy all odds that night

And all I got was to be shot a'down by that there sultry lass she-hulk

And Miles, like Scotty, just ta drink til he's slammin’ into tha heads o’ bulk


Oh, me and Miles O'Brien

Will never stop a'tryin'

Pike gave us the sign

That all'll be well in time

So drink until we see Trek films that be as ever so a'giant

Just as the flick we dearly love with that thar scoundrel of Reliant


Oh, me and Miles O'Brien

Went out a'beer a'buyin'....