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About the Pack

Pack  Organization

    Pack 386 is sponsored by the Waverly PTO. It is a big pack. It is an active pack. It is a fun pack.   Located on the west side of Lansing it serves the Delta Township area.  To find out more about meeting organization, parents needs, what we do, and how we keep scouts safe and family costs super low.....


   Parents in the Delta-Waverly area  have chosen the Elmwood Gym as the pack meeting place every year for many years.  The Elmwood gym, of the three Waverly grade school gyms, is closest to the front entrance. Access to and from the building can be closely monitored and restricted. It is imperative that our schools are in lock down mode after school hours. The school gym is a better facility than others we have checked out. It is bigger and stands for  more "action' than a church basement or someone's recreation room. It is a dependable facility with youth protection as our foremost effort. Parents with multiple scouts are always  with their children. There is room for everyone at one time  We have access to the gym and bathrooms.

   All grades meet in the gym at the same time, in different corners, at their own lunch table. Each den ( grade ) has a different set of parent leaders and different scout books, each geared to that age group. A parent/sibling lunch table is always setup for moms and siblings  to watch or do homework. Our pack is family oriented and everyone is always invited. Lots of parents help each week. There are six extra lunch tables and room for more scouts/families.

   Thursday 6:30 - 7:30  has been chosen as the best time to meet. In the Waverly School district, Thursdays tend  reduce outside conflicts. Our scouts are very active and some meeting are missed due to other commitments.  The fifth graders may miss some meetings due to sports practices! But, they attend the meetings and weekend outings, especially  when the season is over.

  Our activities are free or very low cost. We live in this area and in this economy. We price families into scouting not outof scouting. We do some events each year, based on the scouts' enthusiasm and requests. Some of these are: Police dog night, fire dept, conservation officer, Halloween party ( w/pinatas ), dinners, Lugnut Park sleepover, summer day camp, first aid, tool night, pinewood derby , Christmas Party, flag ceremonies and many more. Each year varies due to scouts/parents.

The pack sells Boy Scout popcorn in the fall, to fund the treasury. But, we also do the unprecedented. We give back to the scouts/families. Being dissatisfied with the popcorn award system, ( it seems tilted towards teenagers ), we have implemented our own reward system.   A few examples are.... .                              

sell $100 get  choice of a football or basketball, $150 get a crank type flashlight & $10 gift card, $200 get a $20 gift card  etc. etc.  past ....sell $600 get $70 gift card. Our highest seller ever was a couple of years ago. A third grader andhis mom sold $1800  we gave them a $200 gift card - in time for Christmas, plus a council award.  We gear it to the little guys.  Their/your success is our goal.  We might have to tweak it a little but we plan to do this again.

Our treasury survives.  Our biggest expenses are the scout books and derby kits for each scout. It has been said, " You give them a lot". But they were wrong. "We give them everything". Hey, they are our kids! The treasury is for them. It is earned by them.  But, parents must pay the annual $16 registration fee.   We are reviewed by the Waverly PTO for their continued sponsorship and chartering. 

If we are not doing what we want to do, then we must change it....so we are doing what we want to do. 

  The first Wednesday of each month is a parent meeting. 6:30 - 7:30 at the Lansing Mall Food Court. Parents are wanted at this meeting. Planning for events, costs, treasury, visitors, specials, outings, rank advancements, reports etc. are discussed. It is important that if parents do not go to this meeting, they tell their  leader the needs, so everyone knows the need/wants of a den or the pack. The parent meeting and the circle up,  at the end of each scout meeting, are the forums for  questions and answers. AND everyone hears the same thing at the same time , real time! As council offices move to Flint, we depend upon ourselves more.

   We strive for 50+ scouts each year. so when some scouts cannot make a meeting or event, there are still enough that each scout has plenty of fun.  Bullying, hitting, pinching etc. have no place in scouts and is unacceptable behavior.   See the scout oath and law elsewhere in this web site.

   We offer a visible, low cost, active, fun program, for families allowing scouts to grow into tomorrow's citizens. Our venue allows the Waverly families to stay connected through the grade school years so the reunion at East ( in fifth grade ) is not traumatic.  They already know half the kids and the sisters!

Boys and girls from kindergarten  thru fifth grade are welcome to join. Several schools are represented in our pack.


   Elmwood School is two blocks north of the Lansing Mall on Elmwood Road.
   Elmwood School, 1533 Elmwood Rd. Lansing, Michigan 48917

The pack does not meet or meets elsewhere/outings  on days of no school  snow days etc.) The same applies for the few occasions which  school functions pre-empt our meetings.

 We would like all of the Delta Township area youth to  have the opportunity to be a scout. Members currently include students of many schools/districts.

If you build it ........   they will come.............

Please contact us with any questions or for more information.

Thank you...