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Costs and Fees of Cub Scouting

by Al Opdyke

Costs associated with  Boy and Cub  scouting are much lower than many organizations and is designed to help young men and women develop into contributing citizens. The Scout Oath and Scout Law are designed to be a very good way of  living a person's life. There are positions and needs for kindergartners to senior citizens.There is a multitude of merit badges brushing over many career fields. From welding to politics. Stop at the Scout shop on Marketplace Dr. and check it out.

Registration fees

We are experiencing exciting and challenging times in the Lansing area.  The Chief Okemos District encompasses Eaton, Ingham and parts of Clinton and Shiawassee counties.

   This area is organized as the Chief Okemos District. One of the many districts in the Cross Roads Council. We now have the opportunity to support scouts all the way to the Mackinac Bridge. The council presides over the eastern part of Michigan.
This council is one of the many councils across the United States which in turn, support the BSA National offices.
   All books, merit badges, pins, awards, insurances, background checks and written parameters of BSA is paid for by the $34.00 registration fee that all scouts and all registered people pay.  None of the registration fees go to  individual scouting units. Individual units are run by volunteer moms, dad, grandparents and other community volunteers. Each person pays the $34.00 registration fee. Scouting is world wide.

Unit Dues/fees

Each unit has a parent committee. This committee is made up of all unit adults- registered or unregistered -who wish to participate in the weekly successes of the unit and provide our youth with weekly direction. It meets on a regular basis. These parents will decide  the program.and how to spend unit money to execute the program.
          It must be noted here, that, no one gives the unit enough money on an annual basis to provide a quality 
          program. Pack 386 has a tradition of Halloween parties- with treats prizes etc. Donations are gladly accepted.
          Also Christmas Dinner,  pinewood derby and trophies, awards craft supplies, fees charged to units by council 
          or national, scout books, special needs. and much more. After more than 30 years, the cost for an average 
          scout year paid by the unit for each scout comes to $45.00.  Still parents must help pay for weekend
          outings, summer camp etc.Weekend outings, special trips and summer camps are not a prerequisite   
          attendance like weekly scout meetings. A weekend outing may cost $15.00 a person. ( most of that is the cost 
          of buying our groceries).
Therefore, to insure each scout/family cost-shares this burden  of $45.00. $45.00 is charged to each scout to remain in scouting. There are two ways for each scout to pay this $45.00.
          1. Parents of scouts may pay $45.00 at the end of the popcorn sale. To remain in the unit.
          2. The scout/scout parent can participate in the fundraisers held by the pack. Once a scout brings $45.00 or 
              more  profit into the pack treasury, the obligation to pay $45.00 dues is covered.
                    - Additionally; prizes can be awarded to the scout  based upon their popcorn fundraiser sales.
                    - A second fundraiser, (the selling of meat sticks) is used to reduce costs to families.
In any case, $45.00 is needed to purchase turkeys, pinata' candy, trophies, pizzas, etc. to keep a vibrate and an exciting scout program. Parents continue to work to keep treasury needs modest.

Monthly Committee meeting (Parent Meeting)

The monthly Parent meeting attendees continue to decide the program and how to keep the pack a viable scout unit.
This is why each family should try to attend the monthly parent meeting.
It is held at the Lansing Mall on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30-7:30 pm,  in the Mall Food Court. Each person has an equal voice. Since most parents don't get involved -It is called a committee of parents!

Friends of Scouting
Once a year a volunteer comes to one of our meetings or dinners to talk about the whole cost of scouting per scout.
The talk is the same which given to the entrepreneurs and business people of our community. The cost of  operating Cross Roads Council  ( paying for the local execs, taxes on scout properties in Michigan etc)  comes close to $200.00  for each of our scouts. ( all costs divided by the number of scouts ). In the end, every boy and girl deserves a chance to be a scout. The scout model has served the nation  for well over 100 years. Scout office will ask for donations. Each family must do what they feel is right for themselves. Many are not able to donate. Some donate a lot.      DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED BY THIS TALK.   or your friends!        It is an annual thing!

"If we are not doing  what we want to do...we must change,so we are doing what we want to do"